Wednesday 19 June 2024

Winter time

We've had a lot of cold, wet, windy weather of late. In fact just what we would expect at this time of year. Winter. At least it hasn't snowed. I've probably told you before that I don't really enjoy the cold wintery weather but we live in the south of the south, so that's what happens. And Dunedin is a nice wee city, I enjoy living here. Except in the winter!  :)

We have had the occasional break in the clouds and one day were rewarded with this hint of a rainbow.

So in the mornings I've been cooking up a small pot of feijoas and then putting them in the freezer. Why a small pot? Because it's quite a time consuming job. So far I've done up a bucketful and have about half a bucket on the bench waiting. These ones are too small to give away except to family if they want them. 

They're falling off the tree before they are properly ripe and we don't always bother to pick them all up at this point of the season.

Today was one of my days for volunteering at the bookshop so was  my GKB's turn to make tea. When I started volunteering I suggested that he could get tea on the nights I was working. He hadn't thought of it but he is happy to do so, especially when I said I didn't care if it was sardines on toast as long as I didn't have to come home and start preparing a meal. So tonight it was 'greasies' or curry rice rolls and chips. Nice and easy, warm and filling and no dishes. What more could you want?

Have a good week, keep warm, or cool, 
whichever the case may be, 
and we'll catch up again another day.



  1. I enjoy any meal that I don't have to prepare or cook. It's been very wet here but this is supposed to be summer.

  2. Ditto, I love any meal I don't have to cook or clean up. Hubby did well. Nice that he's happy to provide. Good chap!!

  3. For us it's trying to stay cool. House shut up because of heat wave but we don't have AC so fans are circulating air. Nice of your GKB to handle the evening meal. Dan will do it if it's just something to warm up and I have it out already waiting for him to do it.

  4. It's sunny and dry here in the UK and almost mid Summer. I don't like the wintery weather either, but the changing seasons are always interesting. Springtime going into Summer is my favourite. Regarding your feijoas I was looking back at past blog posts about when we go over to Italy and I'm sure we have a tree in the garden that produces this fruit. (Med climate can be similar some of the year). Volunteering sounds a good thing to do and a quick meal afterwards is a good idea on such days. Have a good rest of the week!

  5. Always nice to have a break from cooking.

  6. I love visiting Dunedin, but it seems every time I visit it rains! It is a beautiful place, though, so I can see why you like living in that area. Stay warm :) xx

  7. Or some hot freshly made fish and chips - yum perfect for Winter on those cold nights and we've definitely had a few of those.


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