Friday, 24 May 2019

A lazy tea

It's been a busy day today. Housework in the morning
and down to the shops this afternoon followed by a visit
from eldest daughter and still pregnant granddaughter.

She was due six days ago but I think
he is nice and warm and cosy where he is
 and knows it's winter out here :)

ready to go under the grill

So it was a lazy tea tonight.
We had cheese rolls - a southern specialty.
People have their own secret recipes
and they are a popular school fundraiser.

ready to turn

A cheese mixture rolled in bread, brown or white.
We prefer white. We often pair them up with a cup of soup.
Cold day comfort food.

ready to eat

Youngest sister ordered two large cheese roll whilst
out for lunch one day, not realizing large ones
 were made from a caterers loaf. She hadn't
had one since she moved to Australia nearly
thirty years ago.

hamming it up on holiday.

Have a good weekend

Sunday, 19 May 2019

The end of an era

On Monday morning we got an early morning phone call to say my aunty had died. It was a shock as although she was in her 80's there was nothing to indicate she was ready go and her daughter who rang was quite distressed.

Aunty Colleen was Mum's youngest sister,  just 13 months
younger than her. They were very close and our two families
spent a lot of time together as we were growing up.

 On Tuesday we loaded the car and left for the West Coast.
Greymouth to be specific. My GKB decided we would do
 the trip in two days, he's over driving long trips if he
 doesn't need to.

The funeral was just what Aunty Colleen would have liked, a good send off for her. Not too much fuss and a good family gathering.
All of the families were represented apart from the Aussie branch who couldn't make it so it was a great time of cousins catching up.

Our lovely aunty was the last of her family of six siblings,
so she ended an era which started before the first World War.
We all loved her dearly and she will be sadly missed.

Thursday, 9 May 2019

Congratulations and busy in the kitchen

Congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex
on the birth of their little boy.
How wonderful.
Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor.
And now I am used to the name I think it is really cool.
A couple of weeks ago middle daughter came to me and said,
"Steve has given me this giant marrow and my lot won't eat it, do you want it?" So I said yes, it would be great for the Friday Light meal in a couple of weeks.

Once a month I am on KP (more commonly known as kitchen duty) for Friday Light, at my church. Friday Light is a  community outreach which, among other things, provides a hot meal free of charge for those who come along. We get about 25 regulars with others dropping in at times so I usually prep for about 30.

Once upon a time I cooked a meat dish but I've been relieved
 of that duty and now all I need to do is provide a vege or some
 sort of side dish to go with the meat.
Well the marrow turned into a more substantial type of squash whilst in transit. It is half a metre long and half a metre in circumference! I've used about a third of it.

I really wasn't sure what to do with it so it has been cut and layered in a roasting dish and covered with onion and tomatoes and I'm hoping it will taste okay tomorrow night. Now all I have to do is prepare a large pot of potatoes.

Bon Appetit.


Thursday, 2 May 2019

Tunnel Beach

A couple of weeks ago my GKB and I went in to town to pay a bill or two and then go for a bite of lunch. It was such a lovely day we decided to take a detour on the way home and visit Tunnel Beach. Click on Tunnel Beach if you'd like to read a little about
the history behind it

Beach one hour return. That sounded okay but what I didn't realize that it was actually half an hour there and half an hour back. NOT Half an hour along the beach if you decided to do it. I'd never been here before you see. Now, do you see where the people are in the photo and the path just seems to disappear? Well that's where the downhill section begins...and keeps going for 1200metres or 1.2 ks.

The views out to sea and along the cliff top were spectacular.
The sea itself was beautifully calm, not a surfers sea today.
That outcrop in the centre right of the picture above is
where we were heading...along with dozens of other people. 

My GKB decided not to go all the way down so stopped
and took photos instead. There were seats at different
places along the way and I took advantage of them on the homeward trip, along with several other people.

Eventually, read twenty minutes later, I reached the bottom.
I was going to say beach but I hadn't got there yet. I decided to walk out onto the outcrop but found it a bit nerve wracking to say the least. Most of the track is fenced for safety reasons and I had to climb the fence to go here. At some places there was only a few yards on either side where it would be easy to fall if you lost your footing.

And I have to say I think the girls in the picture above were rather foolhardy. That's a sheer drop into the sea. GKB photographed them from his vantage point up the track. Anyway now to find the beach. Find the tunnel first. Aah, there it is - onward into the rabbit hole.

The photo below is a bit deceiving as the flash kicked in and lit it up. It is actually extremely dark and as I was about to go down
I realized there was someone on the way up, I couldn't see
 them until they were almost upon me. Once upon a time there were no steps and on the steepest part there was a ladder with a rope handrail. Since it has been opened to the public the steps have been hewn out of the rock and probably makes it a lot safer.

 The tide was coming in so I didn't really see much of the beach - there were a lot of big boulders to clamber over so I just took this one pic.

Tunnel Beach was a private beach originally owned by a local politician, John Cargill. The tunnel was hand picked out of the rock to make for easier access for his daughters.

Let me tell you, it was a long slog/haul back to the top.
If I ever go again I'll make sure I have water with me,
I wasn't prepared but I still really enjoyed my afternoon :)

Have a good week,