Sunday, 27 November 2011

Jonah and the Whale

I went out for a walk today, the first time for a few weeks.
I won't get too fit this way.
I also have 'the bike' back in the house
but so far it has been relegated
to the spare bedroom.
Definitely not the best use of it.

This morning I was also one of the escorts when
 we took the Sunday School out to do a photo shoot
of the story of Jonah and the Whale.
 It was mainly boys aged between 4 and 12,
with one brave girl.
Very energetic.

We went to several different parts of the city,
 including the beach,
where I managed to end up with sand filled sneakers.
But I guess that is what happens when
the sand keeps disappearing from under your feet
while you're trying to get up the bank.
We had a lot of fun and ended up at a playground 
 where we rounded off the morning with a picnic -
of (chocolate) fish, crisps (chips) and popcorn.

After all that, you would think I would just want to
 sit and relax but it was so good to get a nice
enough day to get out I walked about twice
the distance I normally do.

 I had some photo's to put up too
 but for some reason tonight  they won't load.
Never mind, another time maybe.

Goodnight all, have a lovely week : D)

Friday, 11 November 2011

Peguins and Oamaru stone

Last weekend I went to Oamaru for the South Island conference for New Zealand Aglow.
It was held in the newly refurbished Opera House, which is in the picture below. It is a beautiful old Victorian building built from the lovely white Oamaru stone.
A lovely venue where we were really well looked after.

As it was not a live in conference my GKB decided to come with us - us being my mother and me. We stayed in motels and he did his thing while we were 'conferencing'.
On our first night we had been promised an 'Adventure' so after the formalities were over we were all asked to put our hats and coats and scarves on and given instructions on how to get to the Little Blue Penguin colony. And those who had cars were asked to give a lift to some one who needed one - preferably some one they didn't know.
A great way of meeting people :)

No photo's allowed unfortunately so the closest thing we have is the one above,
the penguin is carved in Oamaru stone,
me with my little mother in the background, taken the day we departed.

Sunday was quite a nice day so my GKB spent the morning wandering around the town,
went to the market and had a look at the historic precinct.

           There were several sculptures in the middle of town as well, which are hard to describe really,
but are weirdly, or should I say darkly, attractive!! 
                    Steampunk - I don't know what it is supposed to represent but I have put up a couple of   photo's for you. Man stuff I guess.

And one more photo taken that morning of lovely St Luke's Church, just because I like it.

 Have a good weekend folks.