Tuesday, 19 February 2013

just kickin' back

While I was out and about today 
someone asked how our holiday had gone.
Great, I said. 
It was sunny and hot the whole time, 
what more could you ask?

We set the caravan up under a tree because 
our usual spot was taken.

I think it was a better site.

Took a leisurely trip over to Lowburn 
and filled our water container with beautiful
fresh, mountain spring water. 

Just leave a donation in the box. 

We went down to the lake, I slothed 
and sunbathed a little while my GKB fished.

It was a public holiday so lots of people out for 
the day on and around the water. 
So hot.

My GKB caught tea...

...brown trout , basic salad veges
 and fresh bread rolls.

And I spent lots of time just kickin' back 
 and a sittin' and a readin'.

All in all a very relaxing few days away -
and it was all over too soon.

Have a wonderful week everyone,

Sunday, 10 February 2013

A Southern Cat

Our Claude is a Southern cat.
 Born and bred in the south. 
Southern cats are not used to temperatures 
in the high 20's as they've been lately.

He doesn't know where to put himself. 
Even under a bush in the shade 
doesn't keep him happy for long.

 He is moulting frantically, 
trying to get rid of his fur coat. 
I try to help by brushing him. 
He loves it.

The Southern cat was really happy today 
when the sun started 
to go down and the temperature with it.

 catching the breeze

aaah, thats better

Unfortunately he will have to grow his winter coat 
back in before too long.

Have a good week,