Monday, 29 October 2018

An afternoon at Airlie Beach

At the risk of boring you I'm going to share
a little more about our holiday in Australia.
I left you in our last post at Colour me Crazy,
a colourful little shop in Proserpine.
From there we travelled on to Airlie Beach,
a holiday resort a bit further north.
I have two sisters in Mackay and it was
my middle sister we were travelling with today.
The first thing we did after parking
the car was find a nice café for a bite of lunch.
It was as delicious as it looks :)
Even if it was pudding, yum.

After lunch we went for a stroll through town,
mostly looking for souvenirs to bring home for the family.
Sis found herself a nice little dress for the summer.
And we took a photo with one of the locals
who looked just a little bewildered :)

We wandered along the esplanade and admired the cruise ship which was anchored offshore. Then we headed down to the lagoon, Sis and I had thought we might go for a swim...


...but we changed our mind when we saw all the beautiful young people lying around, we didn't want to scare them, that was our excuse anyway :) I had gone out and bought swimming togs especially too, they're still waiting to be christened. Oh dear, vanity, vanity.

We'd been there quite a while and I didn't think my GKB was looking too good. He was dehydrated and so we found a spot in the shade and sat and drank lots of water, then thought we should get him home where he could go and lie down. He said he thought the damage had been done in the car on the way up, he was sitting on the sunny side of the car with his window up!

And this is one from a mob of emu's we saw on the way home.
They were scavenging on the edge of a cane field where
the cane had already been cut.

We went out to a sugar cane factory another day
but I'll save that for later sometime.


Thursday, 11 October 2018

Colour Me Crazy

I promised you a look inside Colour Me Crazy.

Well here it is :)

Once upon a time it was a house but now
all the rooms have been converted into
showrooms for all manner of goods.
In fact it was so bright and vibrant

that when I first walked in I was quite

overwhelmed. Sensory overload for my
poor, tired brain :) I immediately turned right

into a side room which was filled with plants

and stayed in there a couple of minutes

and eased myself into the experience.

Beautiful, vibrant colours everywhere, even the toilet!

Gorgeous stuff, clothing, jewellery, home goods,

cushions, throws, wall hangings.
You name it, they had it. I enjoyed it
but wouldn't want to do the dusting or the stocktake :)
No, we didn't buy anything but in hindsight
I wish I had. I think at the time I was just too
 tired to shop. We only stayed a short while
as we were heading for Airlie beach and still
 had a short drive ahead.

I hope you enjoyed the visit to this colourful little shop.

Joining Debbie for

Saturday, 6 October 2018

An ordinary week

Although the temps are still pretty cold at times it has warmed up enough for the bumble bee queens to be out looking for warm dry places to make their nests. After having had half a dozen or so exploring our lounge over the past few days we decided it was time to put up the screen curtain. The bees are quite clever though and have been known to come in low and crawl under the screen and then go exploring :) Last year we had a nest under the house for the summer. If it happens again we may have to have them removed, unfortunately.

Even though the weather has warmed up enough for the bumble bees to be out and about exploring there are still days when it is cold, wet and with a hint of snow in the air. That is when I get the crock pot out and make up a big pot of soup. Guess what we're having for tea tonight? I think we'll have hot buns with it :)

We went for a wander up the street one day this week, well we went for lunch originally and then took a leisurely stroll afterwards. It was one of the nice sunny days we are starting to get now. I like to poke around the bargain racks when I come across them and so while my GKB looked through a couple of second hand shops that's what I did. I was very pleased with a couple of tee shirts I got for around the house over the summer. Just $6.00 for the two of them. A real bargain :)

I've also just spent a morning blanching and freezing broccoli to use next week when I am on duty for the Friday Light outreach meal. I don't cook a meat dish any more but when we are given free veges I think it is shame not to use them. May make a cheese sauce to pour over it, hmm.
looking in from the doorway of Colour me Crazy
While we were in Aussie we took a short trip to Airlie beach and had a couple of stops on the way. There was a shop everyone said I had to go into in Proserpine. Colour me Crazy was just that ,very colourful and very crazy. Even my GKB was fascinated. I'll take you inside next time I see you.