Friday, 23 September 2016

The week just gone by

A friend rang me during the weekend to see if I wanted to join her for morning tea at the local art groups' exhibition. I did and we enjoyed seeing the paintings as well as having a good
 chinwag over coffee and cake. Some of the paintings were for sale but we didn't buy anything this time. Mind you there 
were a couple I really rather liked. Really, really liked :)
There are a lot of talented people out there.

And staying with the coffe break theme, my GKB and I went over to Wal's Plantland one afternoon for tomato plants and potting mix. There's a nice cafe cunningly placed at the end of a tunnel/hothouse  and while we didn't buy any extra plants we did enjoy a late afternoon tea which meant I didn't need to cook that evening. Bliss.

Staying with plants, aren't the blossoms on this magnolia magnificent? This tree belongs to a neighbour and 
my GKB had to wander partway up their drive to 
take the photo. Spring is certainly here :)

I took this photo while out walking one day. I love the moody clouds, rain threatened but hasn't happened yet. And that was several days ago. I rather think we may have drought conditions this summer as winter has been rather mild and not a lot of rain.

This is another pic I took while out walking. I had tried to get a shot of a flock of sparrows having a peck at the dirt on the road in front of me but they didn't cooperate with me at all and flew off :) This little thrush wasn't so shy, she just sat there and let me snap away. I love thrushes, their lovely colour and speckles on the breast. So cute.

Just to finish off  we went outside one evening and found we had this little fellow visiting us. He didn't stay long once he realised he had company. It's amazing how fast hedgehogs can run when they get up on those little legs and start to move.

Joining Amy and friends for
Five on Friday
Friday Foto Friends

Friday, 16 September 2016


I haven't been up to posting for a few weeks as my Little Mother hasn't been at all well and I have been seeing to her needs.  

I have been looking in on you though and catching up on what you are all doing but I'm sorry I haven't had the energy to comment. 
It's relaxing just to read sometimes.

But I was looking through my photos and found some 
I've taken over the last few weeks that I could use to take part
 in Five on Friday with Amy and her lovely friends.

So number one: A shot taken one day while I was walking along the Silverstream. That is a cabbage tree (cordyline australis) on the bank. It is over the back fence from where a friend of mine used to live. The cabbage tree was given to her and her husband as a gift but she didn't think it went with her garden so she planted it on the floodbank instead. This way we all get to enjoy it. A lot of people think they are ugly but I like them. They are New Zealand natives and native birds find their berries very tasty.

Number two:  Do you remember a few months ago I told you that my friend's cat had departed to where all cats eventually go? Well shortly afterwards  she was offered this little lady. She is a real character and a lot of fun. She loves playing in the box and is a real blessing to my friend who missed her ginger boy dearly. But the thing that really struck us was that her lovely ginger boy was already named Leo when he arrived on the scene and when this little lady came along she was already named Cleo! I'd say it was meant to be, wouldn't you?

Number three: The Children's Marathon challenge. Out walking around the town one day I was passed by these kids out on a run. I see in the paper that a lot of the schools in the area are taking part in a  marathon of sorts. For the past 6 weeks they have been running around courses at the schools until they have clocked up almost  40 k's.  The final section of the run is then done at Logan Park on a running track and when it is over a ballot is taken to see who gets the donated prizes of sports shoes. A good prize for the lucky ones, only 10 to give out I believe.

Number four: My reading challenge books for a couple of months. I'd had the Joyce  Meyer one, Look Good, Feel Great, for quite a long time and had read a couple of chapters but no further. So I decided now was a good time to finish it. Easy reading, common sense stuff, but something to give you a prod into taking a little bit of action as well. That was the August read completed. :) 
The September book is going to remain unread I'm afraid. Too cynical, hard, and brittle for me. Nothing relaxing about it or even, for me, entertaining. So after persevering for six chapters I've given it the heave and shall probably be putting it in a bin for a book sale instead. What was it? The Best Awful by Carrie Fisher. 
Someone else may enjoy it.

And finally to Number five: These beautiful daffodils are growing at the boundry fence between our house and the neighbour's. They are the only true daffys I have and so I am reluctant to pick them. But the bonus is that I can see them from my kitchen window and can enjoy them anyway. They are a real promise of better days to come. We have had a few stormy days, snow and hail lately so it is lovely to see this splash of colour along with the jonquils all along the front of my house. See the header picture for a look at a small section of them.

Saturday, 20 August 2016

Out in the paddocks

Some photos my GKB took while out and about
 on some country roads during the week.

This one is our favourite.

joining in the fun with
friday foto friends

Friday, 12 August 2016

No room on the knee

We have had an enforced week or so at home because of colds so decided today it was time for a foray into the outside world.
After lunch we went for a visit with eldest daughter and were  greeted at the gate by grand daughter's dog guarding the property.

This is Mack. He is staying with our daughter while
 his folk are away for a few days in Auckland.
Mack decided the best place to sit on a cool winter's day
 was my lap. Not to be left out Sooty also decided
 the best place to sit on a cool winter's day was my lap. 
Sooty has never sat on my lap in all the years
 I have known him, about seven!
There's a first time for everything I guess :)

Mack also usually sits on my GKB's knee, a privilege
 for my GKB as Mack has a bit of an aversion to men.
So don't ask me what was different today. 
I don't know. Jealousy perhaps?
It meant I couldn't move until it was time to go.
 Well I could have but I didn't.

And this was Mack as we left, all wrapped up in
 a blanket because his paws and ears were cold.

Have a good week,

Friday, 5 August 2016

It's snowing today

Earlier in the week other sorts of other excitement 
was happening outside our window. We are having new 
broadband cables laid and this was the scene outside.

But I want to show you some of the quick pics I took today,
so here we are, this is more or less the same scene today.

At the moment we are having a bit of a sleet storm.
It may turn to snow but it may just turn to slush.

We are too low lying to get good snow very often, 
but high enough for the schools to be closed 
occasionally due to teachers not being
 able to make it. Today the schools are closed 
as this weather bomb moves up the country. 
A snow day for the kids, they'll love it.

My poor polys are not looking too good.
 I need to get out and do some cleaning up 
and get rid of the dead leaves etc.That's frozen 
snow on the leaves. They are getting a bit 
of a hiding this year what with frost and now snow.

Just a little look at part of my yard when
 I got up this morning.We had had a little snow overnight
 and some flurries this morning but not a lot. 

Still it was enough for my GKB to want to go out 
and practice with his camera and while he was out
 he built a mini snowman on the picnic table :) 

I hope you've enjoyed my little bit of winter today 
and all you people sweltering in the blistering 
summer heat have cooled off a little.

Keep well 
whatever you are doing,

Thursday, 28 July 2016

A Daybook post

I thought I might do a daybook post this week
 seeing as it's a long time since I have participated.

So without further ado, here we go.

Looking out my window is not much fun at the moment. It is dark and the street lights are reflecting off the wet tar seal. It is 8.2 C and I am happy to be sitting inside with my heatpump going and the temp. at a balmy 19.9 C.

earlier this week
I  am thinking I will be pleased when winter is over and we can get outside in the sun again. I am not a winter person, much prefer the warmth of the other seasons with the between ones being my favourites.

I am thankful for Sis who took me in hand when I was feeling overwhelmed with organising a family reunion. She helped me plan  the weekend and has left me with a timeline to get things done. I am so grateful. I am not an ideas person but I can get things done once I know what I am doing or aiming at.

I am reading 'Does this Church Make Me Look Fat?' by Rhoda Janzen. It is rather interesting, true story. The blurb on the cover reads - A Mennonite finds faith, meets Mr Right and solves her lady problems. Quite fun and very real. I've just finished reading 'A Journey to The Centre of The Earth.' by Jules Verne. Really fantastical and rather strange to my way of thinking. This was my July read for the book challenge I'm taking part in.

I am wearing really comfy grey pj's with pink trim, pink scuffs and a pink fluffy dressing gown. I like pink, can you tell?

I am hoping praying that my little mother's health will hold out for her to get to the reunion. She has been having the odd health problem lately so I would appreciate your prayers for her. She is the matriarch now with just one sister left out of six of them and the family are looking forward to seeing her again.

One of my favourite things is my daughters both calling in for a cuppa together, and they did today. We had a great old catchup. I drop whatever I'm doing and we put the kettle on and go for it until they have to go. Lots of fun.

In the kitchen I have a vase of what I thought were dead rosebuds. Today I was going to throw them out in the rubbish but guess what? There are new green shoots appearing so I think I'll keep them and see what happens.

In the garden most things are dormant apart from the jonquils which are pushing their way through the earth and some already showing us beautiful bursts of yellow. And my potted polys have needed watering because they grew so well the rain was running off the leaves and onto the outside of the pots. And they got quite badly frosted as well but have come away again now that I have shifted them back under the eaves.

And to finish, on a sign in an op shop today:
Our volunteers are not paid. 
Not because they are worthless
 but because they are priceless.

I hope you'll go over for a look as well.


Friday, 22 July 2016

Quite a racket...

...from two tiny critters.

Yesterday I had a fairly full afternoon and evening. I had a meeting in the afternoon and this particular one usually ends with enough time for me to head home, organise tea and go out again for an evening meeting. But that's okay, it only happens once a month.
Anyway I was first to arrive for the meeting and knocked on the door and went in when I thought I heard our hostess call out. I definitely heard something :) but not our hostess. I walked in and there was this loud bleat then a loud raucous squeal. I'd forgotten that there was a lorikeet just inside the door and boy did he make me jump.

Next there was a shrill bleat, followed by the lorikeet again and another loud bleat and I thought, "that can't be 'K' unless she's
 got an awfully sore throat." No, she came through the door and was quite okay. Another loud, shrill bleat. "Come and see," she said, "isn't she beautiful?"

And she was. Just a little four day old lamb and she
 was demanding her dinner. 

She came tip tapping over the kitchen floor looking for her surrogate mother, she didn't care who it was as long as she got fed. Don't you love her nappy, it kept her and the house clean.

She was one of a set of triplets and wasn't doing too well 
so was brought into the kitchen and warmed up in the oven
 and was being hand reared. The hawks were hanging around the lambs and we could see one or two of them swooping overhead from where we were sitting. They attack the lambs when the mothers have wandered away to feed.

Between her and our lorikeet mate it was getting rather rowdy inside so our green friend was relegated to the outside to
 enjoy the sun. Then wee Flossy was given her meal. 

We enjoyed watching her run around but she found it a bit 
difficult to keep on her feet on the tiles and was occasionally
 seen spreadeagled on the floor. Needless to say the meeting
 was rather late in starting and by the time we finished off 
with a hot cup of tea it was rather later than usual.

Sorry about the photo quality, they were taken on my old 
cell phone as I didn't have my camera with me
 (and I don't own a smart phone).

joining Amy and friends for 
although I have used seven photos. 
I hope you don't mind Amy.