Friday, 24 March 2017

Some sky shots

Archive photos taken over the last year or so.

 An angel?

Definitely a horizon.

Tree silhouette.

Same tree, different perspective.

New Zealand swamp harrier.

A super moon.

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Thursday, 9 March 2017

preparing for a reunion

Just over two years ago my little mother's sister died and so of course there was a family gathering at the funeral. Afterwards we had a 'family only' gathering at one of the cousins homes where it was decided that we needed to get together for a happy occasion for a change and just enjoy each others company. Who to organise it we all wondered? 'Well Diana, you are the only one here who is retired so you could do it'. Silly me, in the excitement of the moment I said yes. 

Mum on left and two of her sisters
There were six siblings in Mum's family, one boy with five sisters. Two families in a way as the first world war interrupted family life as it did for so many. Only my little mother and her younger sister are left and unfortunately they are both in indifferent health. Little mother will be unable to attend as we need to travel and my aunty will attend what she can, if she can. We are going back to where most of us grew up - HOME :)

Eventually we formed a committee of sorts which made decision making easier (and didn't leave me with all the responsibility).
So...where to start? Put up a facebook page someone suggested, then we can all chat. So I did and we did. It's been more and more fun as more people joined and started sharing some of their old photos and making suggestions. And contacting each other again. Some of us haven't seen each other for over forty years. And some of us are still to meet. 

 A venue was decided on and just a month or so back the menu was agreed. I made up a welcome pack and that was sent out a month ago. We have people coming from Japan, Indonesia and Australia as well as around New Zealand. We decided to try and get a group concession for Shantytown, which is a replica pioneer village just a few miles from where we are gathering. Family friendly and the kids of all ages can see how our grandparents lived, ride an old steam train through the bush and go gold panning. I think it will be a bit shocking for some of the youngest generation - no electricity, no ipads, long drop toilets :) Oh well. This is still a work in progress, the concession seeking, but I delegated that job to one of my sisters.

As a surprise I have printed off copies of the family tree and will give it to each family at the meet and greet on the Friday night. It dates back to 1775 and covers 8 generations with another 2 or 3 generations at this end to be added in. No I didn't research it, another family member did and I'll give her the credit on the day.

We have been sorting photos and asked people to bring their own or any items they might think will be of interest to the rest of us. My GKB has been making a photo board and this is him working on
 PB Mk1 or photo board mark 1. I think it is on it's third incarnation at the moment. That's okay, it'll be done in time. All we have left to do is print some photos and get ourselves over there with our carload of gear. 

 I'm looking forward to it but have to admit there have been times that I've felt quite daunted and overwhelmed, but that is all behind me now :) So it's almost time to relax and just go with the flow.

Enjoy your week,

Friday, 3 March 2017

A day full of blessings

Well this has been a real day of blessings.
I turned my phone on as I was having my breakfast
 and a text came in immediately. 
Would you like some apples and pears, 
I can bring some down shortly.
So of course I said yes. I shared some with my daughter 
and took some around to a friend who lives
 in a retirement village. What she can't use she puts
 in the hall for other residents to help themselves.

She also gave me a beautiful red rose with a wonderful scent. 
They were heading away later in the day and thought it was
a shame for the rose not to be enjoyed by someone.
Lucky me :) The colour in the photo is pretty true.

Morning tea came around and my GKB came in with this offering. 
We both had a laugh...and he didn't sing happy birthday.
Raspberry slice, yummy. He knows I like it.

We had just made scones for lunch and my youngest
 daughter waltzed in. 'How's your day going?' she said,
 and then in came my little mother and my other daughter. 
Bearing gifts.
I'd already received a parcel in the post today, from Japan.
How great was the timing in that? 

The botanicals and exfoliater were from one daughter, 
and the coral necklace came from Japan. They also had a
 birthday cake with them, so lunch was scones and birthday cake 
with tea and coffee. And good company of course. We did
 have a healthy(ish) tea - filled baked potato. 
Yummy again :)

When I delivered the apples and pears to my friend in the village she had just been given a box of bread and asked whether I wanted any, so of course I said yes, again. I took three loaves so I could give some to my daughters as well as keep some for myself. As you can tell, the barter system is alive and well among my friends. 

That's six photo's not five, oh dear I can't count :(
Maybe the two cakes can count as one?

And that's it for this week.
Have a good one,

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Sunday, 26 February 2017

Keeping up

Hello there. Sorry I haven't been around for a few days, my little mother has had another short stint in hospital. But I think it was a blessing in disguise as she had one of the 'seizures' she has been trying to describe to her GP right in front of all the ED staff and now they know what she is talking about. In a couple of weeks we have to travel up to Hamilton in the North Island so she can have a CAT scan and then come back and await a date for her operation. Also up in Hamilton. A lot of travelling for an old lady.

Image result for hospital clipart

I have also been having some very frustrating computer problems resulting in smoke coming out of my ears. Not properly fixed yet to my mind, even though it's been up to the 'puter doctor twice in the past week and has a new anti virus installed.

We have also been working on stuff for our upcoming family reunion and not having the computer going has been a bind. Never mind, we managed to get the family tree put together, mostly, and sorted out some of the old photo's. Also got the welcome pack put together and posted away to various parts of the world. We've had a really good response with approx. 80 people coming including about a dozen kids. So exciting, it's getting close now - Easter.

My grandparents just before Grandad left for the first world war. His photo was taken the day he left home. I think he is so handsome, looks just like my youngest brother and my little mother looks like Granma, who I think is beautiful.

Anyway, today my GKB and I went up to the supermarket and had a coffee break while we were there. While inside a couple of families came in and the kids had faces painted and balloon animals and such like - and then we realised we could have been relaxing at the Party in the Park. It's held annually and very popular. Of course by the time I wandered over, without my GKB, it was winding down but I took a few photo's to show you. Sorry they're not as clear as I hoped they'd be.

Rides and swings for the bigger kids.

Food and craft booths for the older kids.

Relaxing in the sun after the live music
and listening to the piped version. Older kids again :)

And the toddlers playground 
fenced off just for them.

 And last but not least, in fact first in order of what happened last week, I went to see my youngest grandson take part in his school triathlon. He came in about the middle of the field, but I thought he did so well as he did all three legs himself instead of being part of a three man team. So without further ado - Daniel :)

The end of the running leg, he's the ginger.

Leaving on the cycling leg after Mum found
 his helmet which had disappeared.

Swimming, not the greatest style but he got there.

Heading for the finish line after
two lengths of the pool :) Phew.

So a bit of a mixed bag today but I hope you enjoyed it.

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Thursday, 16 February 2017

Tea and tea

To answer some queries regarding tea, from this New Zealander's point of view - most, but not all, of my generation's ancestors came from Britain so we enjoy morning and afternoon tea (also known as smoko in the workplace). And supper, which is not tea or dinner.

Morning tea  is usually mid morning, a cup of tea (or coffee these days) and perhaps a plain biscuit. 

morning tea
Afternoon tea is slightly fancier in that we might have cake as well as a biscuit with our cup of tea, served on a nice plate. Or maybe it will be a scone or something similar. My mother in law was very disapproving of someone taking a fancy biscuit or cake to eat if they hadn't first had a plain one! Good manners also dictated that you only had two biscuits. I'm not sure we stick to that any more. Afternoon tea is about halfway between lunch and the evening meal, sometimes as late as 4 o'clock. 

afternoon tea
Tea is also our main meal in the evening, usually followed by a cup of tea. Some people are now calling this dinner but when I was growing up dinner was a hot meal in the middle of the day and the evening meal that day would be a light one, still called tea. Followed by a cup of tea of course :) 

tea, the evening meal
Then later in the evening we have supper, another cup of tea and a biscuit before heading off to bed. As someone said, New Zealanders have 6 meals a day if you count all the 'teas'.

I hope all the different 'teas' haven't confused you, and I haven't even mentioned high tea or Devonshire tea yet. Maybe another day :)

And just for fun:
Seen in a tea rooms when I was on holiday a year ago.

Have a good refreshing week.

Thursday, 9 February 2017

Caught napping

Grand daughter's puppy Sass was 
caught napping on her owners' bed.

And one sunny day she decided to take a nap out of the sun...

...wouldn't it have been easier to just crawl under the table?

What? What??

And today she was not napping - she was left inside a little longer than usual and this is what met my daughter when she returned home!

Who Me? No, it wasn't me.
 It was one of the cats, the grey one...

Have a fun week,

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Thursday, 2 February 2017

It's Thursday morning - again

Image result for sunrise clipart for free

Here it is, Thursday morning again. Already.
And I've missed the recycling truck - again.
So the newspapers stack up in the wash house for another week
 and the bin in the garage starts to overflow - again. 
At least the wheely bin has gone out in time. 
I'm sure it was Thursday only yesterday 
but I know a lot has happened since then.

Image result for rubbish truck clipart for free

* I've attended a school assembly.
* Watched the Saturday netball.
* Had lunch with one friend and coffee with another.
* Been to a couple or three meetings.
* Taken the kids to Sunday School and Youth Group.
* I went to work at least three times.
* Did some shopping.
* Talked to overseas family via the net.
* Watched some television.
* Did some housework, the washing and vacuuming.
* I think I even cooked one or two meals, maybe more.
* Had a houseful of whanau (family).
* Read a couple of chapters of a book.
Image result for days of the week free clip art

But here it is, Thursday again. Already.
And I've missed the recycling truck - again.
And I'm sure it was Thursday only yesterday...

A bit of nonsense I wrote one Thursday morning several years ago.