Thursday, 17 August 2017

A short stroll around the lake

While my little mother was in hospital recently I had the opportunity to go for a stroll around Hamilton Lake or Lake Rotoroa as it is known in Maori. Ten minutes walk from my motel I found the lane I had been directed to and walked from a busy city street to a tranquil lakeside walkway.

There  were marvellous houses backing onto the lakeside, some with low fences and others opened up to the lake vista. 
The lake was surrounded by native flora and of course
 a lot of bird life.

Quite a number of cheeky Pukeko,

a solitary Shag,

Mallard ducks,

a few Australian coots, (related to the Pukeko)

and a good flock of Canada geese.

I came across a wonderful children's playground

with this fabulous climbing fort. 
There was also a nice cafe nearby but I never went in,
 I didn't have time as I was heading back to the hospital.

Of course there were also the usual doves or pigeons, 
you don't go far without seeing them around.

The sun was getting low in the sky as I headed back
 to the entrance and I got this shot of the lake.

I enjoyed this nice peaceful walk, away from the 
hustle and bustle of the city and everything happening at the hospital, a lovely way to recharge my batteries.

Monday, 7 August 2017

Been and gone and back again

Little Mother and I have flown north and returned. 
Just over a fortnight ago we had a call from the hospital in Waikato
 saying they had a space for her.
The Seaward Kaikouras.
South Island
So of course it was all on, flights and accommodation booked 
and bags packed. Medications reviewed and blood tests not done because we ran out of time and the relevant forms hadn't arrived. They were eventually done in Waikato.
Mounts Tongariro and Ruapehu in a sea of cloud.
North Island

We spent five days in Hamilton, for my little mother most of it was in hospital. But she is now home and recovering with a new lease on life.  Mum will stay with me for a few days until she is given the all clear to go home.
Taranaki, Mount Egmont.
North Island
We are very grateful to the cardiac team as well as to all who have kept her in their prayers. Thank-you so much. 
We have a very good God.
The Kaikoura ranges.
South Island
I took photos of the mountain ranges from the plane window and thought you might enjoy seeing some of them.
The Southern Alps.
South Island
If you would like to read the legend of 
It's a romantic story :)