Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Once upon a lunch time...

I had spent much of the morning busy typing up the minutes
 for the Aglow group I am in when my GKB came in and said
 "How do you fancy going up to the Blackstone for lunch?"
"Wonderful" I said, "I won't be a minute".

So we both got tided up and headed to The Blackstone
which is a nice wee cafe and bar in the middle of town.
It was quite busy but still had a couple of tables empty, 
but unfortunately none by a window when we went in.
One came vacant before our order arrived so we shifted to it :)

My GKB had decided before he left home that 
he only wanted a savoury scone so that's what we both ordered.
Hot scones with butter and a pot of lemongrass and ginger tea 
for me and cappuccino for him. Delicious. 
Why is it so much nicer when you don't have to prepare it yourself?

I saw this clock on the wall and rather coveted it, I'm afraid.
 I thought it might be French style 
but it has an American flag so I think not.
If you look closely you will see it is also a 24 hour clock.

After lunch we took a stroll through town 
and wandered into the Sallies op shop.
I like to poke around the china and glass to see what's there,
they have it so nicely displayed now,
 and my GKB just likes to poke around 
and see what he comes up with.
 Today he found a dvd of the Four Tops for $1.00
 and we've had that playing since we came home.

I was so pleased to find this Colclough trio and had to have it. 
I have another one very similar but with an
 English  pastoral scene. I'm wondering if they are 
part of a series so will have to investigate.
They had a few more nice sets as well and I think I will be making a trip back in the not too distant future :)

And that's it for today.

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  1. Hi Diana. I really enjoyed this charming little post. What a lovely little trip you had and well done to hubby for suggesting it! I love that little clock as well. How pretty. Lemongrass and Ginger tea sounds lovely. I am flying out to America tomorrow to see my friend, American Diane, again. I'm sure there will be some future blog posts coming all about my trip!

  2. Hi Diana! Oh, sounds like a lovely way to spend some time! That scone looks lovely! I don't know if I've ever seen a 24 hour clock! Maybe I don't pay enough attention! :) Tell you hubby, we saw the Four Tops years ago at Radio City Music Hall as well as the Temptations! I was in heaven! :) Lovely little cup and dishes. I did so enjoy myself in your beautiful country! My hubby almost pulled his hair out though trying to drive! :) I'll tell more about that later! ;) Always so nice to hear from you.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  3. What a fun afternoon! Can I come have scones with you Diana???? And that cup is perfect! Love to hear of spur of the moment fun times.

  4. What a lovely and delightful afternoon, my friend. And can I join Arlene and say, "Can I have scones with you too?" :)

    Thanks for sharing your sweet self with Roses of Inspiration. Hugs!

  5. Diana, those scones look delicious and perfect with tea. Love the tea cup set you found.

    I've been struggling with the WordPress template so I'm back to Blogger. I hope to see you there.

    Have a lovely evening!

  6. What a lovely cafe and lunch.
    The scones look wonderful.

    Thank You for the kind words on my Watson blog.
    Much appreciated.
    All is fine here just trying to play catch up with work.

    cheers, parsnip

  7. Oh I love those spur of the moment lunches. Such fun.
    Are they giant teeth in your header picture? : )

  8. I have never had a savory scone, just berry ones, but they look so good! How fun to wander through a thrift together. My husband and I do that occasionally. What a nice time with some treats to bring home!

  9. Dear Diana! Please forgive me about having you live in another country! :) I've never been to New Zealand but would love to visit some day.
    Continue being a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  10. Diana,You just described one of My most favorite afternoons, My favorite type of food and My favorite type of collections.Perfect! Oh yes one more...My favorite company...My hubby.Hugs Denise

  11. Diana,You just described one of My most favorite afternoons, My favorite type of food and My favorite type of collections.Perfect! Oh yes one more...My favorite company...My hubby.Hugs Denise

  12. What a pleasant way to spend an afternoon and weren't you lucky to find that trio of china.

  13. Those are some of the best afternoons! A lunch out and some snooping around! Lovely cup and saucer! Have a great weekend! Diane

  14. This is the perfect afternoon-a lovely lunch and some antiquing/thrifting. Your trio is a great find! Not too easy to find a complete trio set, let alone a bone china one. I don't have any teacups with scenes on them. I think they're so pretty and should collect some.

  15. Oh I do love your teacup trio set! What a nice find. It would be fun to see your other set.

  16. Lemongrass tea and scones - yes please! What a wonderful afternoon out for you.

  17. Hi Diana, Sounds like the perfect way to enjoy lunch and a stroll through town. Love the gorgeous scenic tea cup and saucer but to find it in a trio is extra special.
    Have a wonderful weekend, cm

  18. Diana thank you for your dear visits... Your Scone looks fabulous. I like that Turquoise tea cup as well. Nice to have a lite lunch and a stroll around town.. Nice! fout tops used to listen to them grat deal he got. Your tea cup trio reminds me of something Ive seen but dont know what. Lovely afternoon. Happy Autumn with love Janice

  19. Hello Diana,

    It sounds like you had the perfect day. That little tea cup is beautiful.


  20. What a nice break in the day, lunch and finds! The cup and saucer have such a lovely design, I don't think I have seen that before. Have a wonderful week xx


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