Monday, 27 April 2015

Two boys on Anzac Day

Saturday was April 25th, Anzac Day.
The day New Zealanders and Australians around the world remember those
of our countrymen and women who have taken part in conflicts around the world since WW1.
This year our youngest grandson was taking part in a small parade
with his cub pack so of course we went out to watch him.
His big brother and a mate came to watch as well.

Being a boy with ants in his pants he couldn't just stand 
on the footpath but had to find a better vantage point. 
Good on him.

His father did stop him from getting up on the roof of the bank though,
 we didn't want him being hauled off by the local bobby, haha.

Anyway we didn't have to wait too long before we heard the bagpipes 
and the little parade came down the street led by the army cadets.

our cubs
There weren't many people there watching 
but we discovered later that the main parade was after the church service
 when they marched down to the war memorial and laid wreaths.

We didn't wait around for that but later went out to the cemetery 
for the service there and see the cubs put poppies on the soldiers graves.

Looking for a place to put his final poppy.

It was a big day for some of the younger boys 
because they had met at the Scout hall at 9:30am 
paraded down the street twice, had a church parade, 
bussed out to the cemetery and back again.
I went with his mother to pick Danny up just after 1pm.

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I hope you're all having a good week,
it's wet and miserable here today, 
so I'm inside doing 'inside stuff'.
Have a good week,


  1. What a lovely way to involve the younger generation in ANZAC Day ceremonies :-). It was great to be able to see how you NZers celebrate the day.

  2. What a great tradition! Thanks for sharing Anzac Day as I had never heard of it, Diana. Little boys...they melt the heart!!

  3. Thank you for sharing about Anzac Day. I really like all the community service that Cub and Boy Scouts do. Please send the rain our way. We're in a drought. Take care, Nora

  4. Boys will be boys. : )
    A great remembrance.

  5. How fun...our boy was in Boy Scouts and loved every minute of it.
    Wish I could get a bit of your rain for our part of the country.

  6. Having 5 grandsons, I can relate.. smile.. They are so dear even when they are climbing.. Thanks for dropping by and I am your newest follower..You have Winter coming and we are trying to have Spring then Summer... God bless...xo

  7. Having 5 grandsons, I can relate.. smile.. They are so dear even when they are climbing.. Thanks for dropping by and I am your newest follower..You have Winter coming and we are trying to have Spring then Summer... God bless...xo

  8. Beautiful remembrance. Thank you for sharing at Wake up Wednesday Linky. I hope you do join us next week

  9. Good job he didn't get to the roof, there would have been trouble :-) It's lovely to see these parades with the respect and remembrance associated with them. Have a wonderful week xx

  10. My dear Diana, this is such a beautiful and wonderful tradition! What a joy to take part in it.

    Thank you for sharing this lovely inspiration with Roses of Inspiration. Hugs to you!

  11. It looks like you had nice weather for this at least! It's so important that kids learn about history. I hope you have a good week. Hugs, Diane

  12. Hi Diana, Wonderful that you could watch your grandson in the parade. I know you are very proud of him and his troop's participation in a special day.

  13. It is good to gather all to honor those who have and are serving.

  14. I was a Cub Scout and later a Boy Scout, myself. It's great to get the kids out enjoying nature while they are young.

  15. What a special time that must have been for everyone involved!

  16. Hi Diana! You must have had such a lovely time. Love your snaps!
    Thanks for popping in to see me and I hope you have a wonderful week.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  17. I am a scout mom..Both of my kids were eagle scouts before they grew up and moved away...Ahhh, my favorite activities were the campouts.I have a feeling that my kiddos will be scout dads when they have their own kids..Such lovely pics..It cracks me up that your little cub grandson had ants in his pants, lol :-)

  18. When our girls were younger they were in the Air Cadets and did marches in November to mark Independance Day. They didn't usually get good weather though, it was often raining and windy, definitely not marching weather.

  19. It is nice that the young now match for ANZAC, this year it is the 100th anniversary and here in Picton a town of 3500 thousand people had a turn out of over 2000 to the dawn service, far more than is usual, it was very moving and there were hundreds of wreaths
    I will post my photos of the morning but they dont show the huge crowd behind me. Come have a look.


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