Friday, 22 July 2016

Quite a racket...

...from two tiny critters.

Yesterday I had a fairly full afternoon and evening. I had a meeting in the afternoon and this particular one usually ends with enough time for me to head home, organise tea and go out again for an evening meeting. But that's okay, it only happens once a month.
Anyway I was first to arrive for the meeting and knocked on the door and went in when I thought I heard our hostess call out. I definitely heard something :) but not our hostess. I walked in and there was this loud bleat then a loud raucous squeal. I'd forgotten that there was a lorikeet just inside the door and boy did he make me jump.

Next there was a shrill bleat, followed by the lorikeet again and another loud bleat and I thought, "that can't be 'K' unless she's
 got an awfully sore throat." No, she came through the door and was quite okay. Another loud, shrill bleat. "Come and see," she said, "isn't she beautiful?"

And she was. Just a little four day old lamb and she
 was demanding her dinner. 

She came tip tapping over the kitchen floor looking for her surrogate mother, she didn't care who it was as long as she got fed. Don't you love her nappy, it kept her and the house clean.

She was one of a set of triplets and wasn't doing too well 
so was brought into the kitchen and warmed up in the oven
 and was being hand reared. The hawks were hanging around the lambs and we could see one or two of them swooping overhead from where we were sitting. They attack the lambs when the mothers have wandered away to feed.

Between her and our lorikeet mate it was getting rather rowdy inside so our green friend was relegated to the outside to
 enjoy the sun. Then wee Flossy was given her meal. 

We enjoyed watching her run around but she found it a bit 
difficult to keep on her feet on the tiles and was occasionally
 seen spreadeagled on the floor. Needless to say the meeting
 was rather late in starting and by the time we finished off 
with a hot cup of tea it was rather later than usual.

Sorry about the photo quality, they were taken on my old 
cell phone as I didn't have my camera with me
 (and I don't own a smart phone).

joining Amy and friends for 
although I have used seven photos. 
I hope you don't mind Amy.


  1. The little lamb is adorable! I'd probably put the noisy green friend outside too during the meeting! Have a great day.

  2. adorable....thank you for sharing. Have a beautiful weekend. smiles

  3. Is there anything cuter than a baby lamb? Probably not so cute in the middle of the night when she wants her bottle.:) Birds I can do without...not a big fan!

  4. Adorable, such a sweet set of photos.

  5. oh that little lamb is precious! i love your dishes!

  6. How sweet, maybe the lorikeet and lamb can bond.

  7. That lamb is so cute. Loved the nappy too. Whose great idea was that?

  8. I've never seen an animal in a nappy before but what a great idea.

  9. Oh my wee Flossy is the cutest little thing. Only 4 days old. She is adorable.

  10. Oh I just want to give that sweet lamb a squeeze! You had quite an adventurous meeting - what fun.

  11. Glad the little lamb is doing well. You had an entertaining meeting! Thanks for sharing the fun.

  12. Oh such a cute lamb! I can just imagine the racket with both a lorikeet and a hungry little lamb. 😆

  13. Hi Doodles n Daydreams, This is such a cool post. The little lamb is so cute! Amazing to see how they can be hand reared like this. I love the photos! Wishing you and yours a fine weekend!

  14. What a lovely little visit. Who wouldn't love to feed that little darling her bottle?

  15. That was quite a welcoming committee!

  16. oh how cute and unexpected to have a lamb welcome you in!!!

  17. Such a sweet little surprise! Love the lorikeet, too!


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