Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Through the track (part one)

I dropped my little mother off after church last Sunday
 and thought I'd go for a walk through the track
 just around the road from her place.
I had the trusty old camera with me and took a picture or two.
I wish I'd taken more so I could show you
 how different one side of the track is from the other.
But that's okay, a project for another day.

This end of the track has poles across it to deter road traffic.
 The other end is open so that stock trucks 
and the private vehicles 
of  homeowners can enter, and preferably, exit.
Someone has come along and dug the middle post out, 
you can see the mark where it had been buried to.
On this day I saw an older man drive up, 
remove the post, drive through then replace it.
I suppose if he had driven right around the paddocks
 it wouldn't have taken much longer than it took to do all that.
Still it takes all types to make this world interesting.

I'll take you down the left hand side today.
As you exit the beginning of the track
 is this sheep race, used for getting the sheep
 onto the trucks to go to the freezing works. 
'Nuff said.

Over the gate, and the electric fence,
 who's looking at who?

A general view from the roadside.

A thrush on that same gate, old stables and sheds.
I thought he would fly away when he heard the camera
 but no, he turned around and posed for me.

Looking towards town across the paddocks.

Firewood and storage shed.

Racehorses and mares out at pasture 
at the other end of the track.
There is a racecourse in this area and 
quite a few stables and horse studs.

Time to turn around and head back to the car.
I hope you've enjoyed a little walk 
with me on a cool spring afternoon.
I'll do the other side another day.

Wishing you all well 
for the rest of the week.

Monday, 16 September 2013

America's cup

Allow me to be a little parochial today.

We are watching the America's cup races 
and now that Oracle (USA) has points on the board,
 and racing, it's exciting, nail biting stuff.

My father loved sailing, sailed as a boy,
but we never did. He knew all the nautical terms,
 we don't, but we enjoy watching the competition races.
Especially at the moment.

We are getting up an hour early, 
well my GKB is, to watch the races.
I generally get up in time to watch the second 
race of the day while I have breakfast.
We know it's not over till the fat lady sings,
 or the last race is over,
but at the moment it's looking good and we're 
hoping for the two more wins we need 
to bring the cup home. 

Go Team New Zealand, 
we're all "leaning with you" 
and wearing our red socks!

Saturday, 7 September 2013

A late afternoon walk

Spring has arrived and today was nice and warm.
So later this afternoon  I went walking.
 I was surrounded by other like minded people.

Some of them had two legs and feathers.
Trust me, there is a duck in the middle of this photo, 
he or she decided to depart to the opposite bank
 as soon as I got my camera out.
It's mate went even further away.

Some of them had four legs and bounced
 around with the joy of life.

And some of them were just like me with two arms and two legs, 
although some were on wheels, 
and some just sat and made mud pies at the top of the bank.

Some intrepid souls even had their arms and legs on show,
but not I, oh no. 
It's still not warm enough for that sort of behaviour, 
not for this lass anyway.

Have a great week,