Thursday, 14 September 2017

Busy, busy, busy

Well some people have been today. Today our number one son and DIL moved to their flat in the city. They were up and working away while my GKB and I were still counting the zzzzzzzzzzz's.
Breakfast was over, the washing machine was running and boxes and bags were beginning to mount in the hallway and kitchen by the time we surfaced.

A friend was arriving at 10:30am with a ute and trailer to help move them and we were ready to go when he arrived. The flat is in an older part of town but only 2 years old and is really lovely. In fact my son whispered in my ear that 'this is the sort of place you and Dad need, Mum'. It is quite compact without being cramped and has just a small yard with a small raised garden. Ideal for a couple with no family, it has 2 bedrooms and a reasonably large living area. No photos of it though, sorry.

DIL took us all out for lunch before we came home for the last load. We went to a local garden centre and although it was a relatively cool day with a bit of wind we sat outside, the only place with a table for five. We didn't notice the wind though once we got talking and our meals arrived. Once back home I supervised while the men did the heavy lifting :) Then after a coffee they were away and we are once again empty nesters. The house feels strange and quiet but no doubt we will get used to it once again.

Have a good week,

Saturday, 9 September 2017

A slow week

It's been a slow week.
My little mother has gone home and it is 
a bit strange not having her in the house.
Our son and DIL have also been offered a flat 
and will be moving into it in the next couple of weeks.
We shall be empty nesters once more.

Tete a tete - miniature daffodils

My GKB and I decided to drive to Outram one day
 to see if the cherry blossom was out yet. It wasn't 
so we opted for an ice cream instead. While we were 
eating it I spotted the spring bulbs on sale 
and decided to buy a pot for DIL to take to her new home.
They are getting past their best now but will be lovely
 in a pot next season.

Chopped and ready to freeze

I was rostered on this week to do a meat dish for our church outreach and as the man in charge was to be away he asked me to do a big pot of potatoes as well. That was fine but what he failed to do was let the lady know who usually cooks the veges and she had done a big dish of roast potatoes. Oh well. For some reason our numbers were down so we decided not to use my spuds and I brought them home. I'll freeze them and turn them into a potato/vegetable bake dish for next week. AND I shall remember to tell everyone, lol.

I finally found a Jan Karon book and must say I have thoroughly enjoyed it. I found it a bit hard to get into as looking at the cover I imagined Mitford was an English village and couldn't work out why the author was using American words and expressions. Thank goodness for the internet, I looked up Jan Karon's books and discovered these ones are set in the Blue Ridge Mountains, phew. You don't realise how much easier it is to read something when you have it all in context rather than a wrong world view of it. I found it very hard to put this book down :)

Enjoy your week