Sunday, 26 January 2014

Bits and pieces

I have been doing something this week 
that I haven't done for about 40 years.
I've been sewing!
I had to borrow eldest daughters' sewing machine, 
mine is sitting rusty in the garage.

It was so nice to use , nice and smooth to sew with.
Unlike mine that used to sound a bit 
like a freight train coming up the passage.
I'm almost tempted to start sewing again.
What was I making?
Squab covers for the caravan.
By the time I got to the last one 
I had it down to a fine art.
Well almost. No they're not perfect
 but I'm quite pleased with my effort.

I've also had my 'hair done today. 
It is very straight and fine and hard to do anything with.
So I decided to get a colour put in it instead.
I loved it when Helen Mirren went pink, 
but I wasn't game enough to have it done all over.
So we decided on a "smudge" in the front.

It took two or three goes to get the colour right
 but we think we've got it nailed now.

Tomorrow we are heading up to the caravan 
for a week or so - unless the weather packs up.
Our summer hasn't been terrific, 
but I am not complaining when I see 
what is happening in other parts of the world,
what with the flooding in England, the snow in 
America and the bush fires in Aussie.
So what's a little wind.

We have been extremely lucky we have just had wind,
 even if it has been pretty non stop for months.
So we will head off in the morning, 
both our daughters will drop in
 and have turns at feeding Claude over the week
 and all going well my GKB will have enough 
fine weather to catch a fish or two.
I just enjoy getting away for a while.

P.S. Claude has just discovered beds, couches and easy chairs after 14 years, and he rather likes them. Woe betide if I should lift my backside off  my seat, apparently they're more comfortable if someone has been kind enough to warm them for you.

So on that note I will leave you
and see you when I get back.

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

A country town

Today was a sweltering 27 degrees C out here on the plain.
Far too hot to just sit around at home.
"Let's head out to Outram for an ice cream" says I.

Outram is just 10 minutes drive west, 
and they have great ice creams,
 so away we went. 
Windows down and the breeze blowing through the car.
Once we arrived we decided to have 
a stroll around and see what was happening. 

These two shops were closed, much to my disappointment, 
the one at the top had some nice pieces in the window.
It's a craft shop, the others are second hand shops.
 All of them only open at the weekend.

These two cafes were open and doing a good trade
especially as it was a week day. 
But of course it is the school holidays.
Outram gets a lot of weekend visitors
 who go out for the cafes and craft type shops. 
And ice creams. 
It probably helps that the river passes by the entrance 
to the town and has good bathing and easy access.

Of course no small town would be complete
 without the local watering hole and a church.
And houses for people to live in. 
The house below is a converted church,
it looks really beautiful and tranquil.

And this is what you gaze at if you are sitting out
the back of one of the little cafes, 
it is so peaceful and restoring.

Now I want to show you some real 'country style'.

Don't ya just love it? 

I hope you've enjoyed strolling around Outram with us.

Have a good week,

Saturday, 4 January 2014


First of all I want to wish you all a happy
 and prosperous new year, 
a little belated but not too much I hope.

It is summer here down under,
in the southern hemisphere,
which means summer holidays.

Here are a few rules for those heading to the beach,
 the bach, crib or caravan. 
Mainly though they are rules for beach-goers, 
wherever you pitch your tent.

checking the surf

Wake up smiling
Flip flops are mandatory
(or jandals for New Zealand and thongs for Australia)
Nap often
Feel the breeze
wear sunscreen
take long walks
soak up the sun
Hang up your towel
relax & unwind
Leave the sand at the beach
Ride the waves there and back
Build sandcastles
Be grateful for the day

Wishing you all great summer holidays if you are in the south 
and good days whatever you are doing anywhere else.