Sunday 14 April 2024

Some unexpected visits

 It's been a real autumn week weather wise but that didn't stop us from catching up with both our southern great grand boys.

First off was an invitation to have morning tea with Theo and his Mum and Granma at the Village Green. And of course we didn't turn down the opportunity. It was a miserable day but we had all gathered just after 10am. The Village Green is part way between both our suburbs and is at a sports ground - so no searching for a carpark. Yay! And the first thing we saw as we went through the doors into the restaurant was a roaring fire.

We put our orders in, my GKB and I had cheese rolls for breakfast, and were directed to a reserved table by the window. Youngest daughter, also known as Granma, works here so the boss came over and sat with us for a few minutes and had cuddles with Theo. Orders arrived and we spent a very pleasant hour or so chatting together.

Later in the day I called around to a local rest home and visited with a friend. She has no family here and so there is a little group of us who visit and do her personal shopping for her. You can see the state of the weather in this photo but it was nice and warm inside.

Then the next day I had a message from eldest daughter, can Arlo and I come out and visit this afternoon? Of course we said yes. That was another wet and miserable day but a little better than the one before. My GKB set up the construction set before they got here, he always likes to play with it and it takes a bit of putting together and he can get the Lego and a few other games out himself. Guess what he decided to play this time? Chess! None of us play chess but we have a set so at some time one of the kids must have played. I think it was our son.

He taught himself how to set the board up, and we had a lot of fun playing 'Arlo's rules', but we have told him that there are other rules and he will need to learn them if he wants to play with other people. He is 4, turns 5 next month and will be away to school. Where has that time gone? He is the eldest of the great grandkids and Theo is the youngest at 6 weeks. 

Today the sun is shining and it has been nice and warm. We went for a drive to Outram for an ice cream and I went for a stroll up the street afterwards. As you can see, a beautiful blue sky day.

That's it for today, until next time
 be kind to yourself :)


  1. Happy times in spite of the weather. :)

  2. The fire must have been very welcome. I'm sure you enjoyed your family times and also those sunny moments.

  3. We have had rain on and off here but hoping this week for sun.


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