Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Spring in my town...

I went out and took one or two photos today
 around the town I live in.
Spring has arrived and I will not say any more except
some were taken in public places and others in private yards.
The camellias are at my little mother's place and I love them.


daffodils and snowdrops

flowering cherry, pear and magnolia

hedges and edges

planter box

I hope you enjoyed the spring flowers as much as I do.

Seeing as it is spring I thought I would show you these 
pretty Colclough tea cups, saucers and plates. 
They are the same colours as some of the spring flowers.
This is the set my little mother gave me, I had coveted it for years. As you can see it has several pieces missing and so I am 
on the lookout for replacement pieces. 
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Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Once upon a lunch time...

I had spent much of the morning busy typing up the minutes
 for the Aglow group I am in when my GKB came in and said
 "How do you fancy going up to the Blackstone for lunch?"
"Wonderful" I said, "I won't be a minute".

So we both got tided up and headed to The Blackstone
which is a nice wee cafe and bar in the middle of town.
It was quite busy but still had a couple of tables empty, 
but unfortunately none by a window when we went in.
One came vacant before our order arrived so we shifted to it :)

My GKB had decided before he left home that 
he only wanted a savoury scone so that's what we both ordered.
Hot scones with butter and a pot of lemongrass and ginger tea 
for me and cappuccino for him. Delicious. 
Why is it so much nicer when you don't have to prepare it yourself?

I saw this clock on the wall and rather coveted it, I'm afraid.
 I thought it might be French style 
but it has an American flag so I think not.
If you look closely you will see it is also a 24 hour clock.

After lunch we took a stroll through town 
and wandered into the Sallies op shop.
I like to poke around the china and glass to see what's there,
they have it so nicely displayed now,
 and my GKB just likes to poke around 
and see what he comes up with.
 Today he found a dvd of the Four Tops for $1.00
 and we've had that playing since we came home.

I was so pleased to find this Colclough trio and had to have it. 
I have another one very similar but with an
 English  pastoral scene. I'm wondering if they are 
part of a series so will have to investigate.
They had a few more nice sets as well and I think I will be making a trip back in the not too distant future :)

And that's it for today.

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Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Totsy and friends

Many moons ago I showed you two of my dolls 
and said that one day I would show you a couple more.
I don't have a lot but today is a nice warm spring day 
and I though I would get Totsy and her friends down 
from on top of the cabinet in the lounge.
(I'll have to get back up there one day very soon and do a spot of dusting - it's been a case of out of sight out of mind :( ugh).

Totsy had her cute name when she arrived 
but the other two were poor little un-named tykes,
 so I call them Bella and Billy.
We had been out for a drive one day and spotted them in a little shop in a little town that is not a destination but the sort of place you pass through on the way to where you're going.
Unless you live there, of course :)

Totsy is 40cms or so in height and she has 
the most glorious red hair with beautiful ringlets.

Her eyes are a lovely blue grey
 and I think she has quite a pensive look on her face.
I had her for quite a while before the other two arrived.

Billy and Bella are both 32cms in height 
and I tend to think of them as twins.
Both of them have lovely red gold hair,
 just like two of my grandkids :)
Maybe that's why I was so attracted to them.

Their eyes are a lovely bluish green, 
and to me they have a look of utter astonishment on their faces.
All three of them look like they are dressed 
in their 'Sunday meeting clothes'.

I didn't buy them but when I got home 
I discovered my GKB had bought them for me. 
What a gem!


And this is nothing to do with dolls 
but is the medal my pre teen grandson won 
at the end of the footy season, for good sportsmanship.
Way to go Jack :)

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Have a great week.
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Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Roses , roses, roses...and ginger?

Not a lot has been happening so I thought I'd just show you
 a couple of things from my china cabinet.
They all have roses on them, hence the title :)

This cake plate was a wedding present
but sad to say it has never been used.
By the time I figured out how to put it together,
 posh afternoon teas were a thing of the past :(

But all is not lost, 
I am thinking about doing a posh afternoon tea
 for Mum for her birthday.
I think I will just invite the girls in the family as
 I can't really see the blokes sitting down with
 fine china and crooking their little finger, while making polite conversation - it would more likely be grunts - but who knows.
The plate is made by Old Foley

This little cake plate, creamer and sugar bowl 
were also wedding presents. They are so pretty.
I love them and will get them out 
for little mothers' birthday as well.
These are also Old Foley. 

And this gorgeous trio by Royal Vale was given to me
 but I don't recall when or by whom.
I think it is so elegant and look forward
 to drinking some Darjeeling out of it.
 Now that is really being posh :)

Now you might wonder what this has
 to do with ginger and I have to say ... nothing.
About a month ago someone asked me how I made my hot ginger drink and I've been meaning to get round to telling.
It is not hard.

Get some fresh ginger root. 
Chop/slice it quite small and put in a pot. 
You don't need to peel the ginger but make sure it is clean.
Cover with water and bring to the boil.
Turn down but keep the water simmering for an hour.
Remove the ginger, cool the juice and put into a bottle or jar. 
Use the same way as a cordial i.e. pour a small amount into a cup or mug and fill with hot/boiling water.
Sweeten with honey if you want or put a slice of lemon in.
(I have a friend who throws this ginger into her corned beef 
while it is cooking but I haven't tried that yet).
Great in the winter and marvellous for circulation. 
You can research the benefits of it online if you want.

Now the only thing this ginger drink has in common with the top part of this post is that I have a favourite mug 
to drink it from and it is Arthouse bone china. 

A bit more modern than the other pieces 
but nice to drink from all the same.

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I hope you've all had a great week. 
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Tuesday, 1 September 2015

The First of September

Below are some photos I took around town today, 
it was cold and grey and the colour was just starting
 to show on some of the trees and bushes 
while on others the branches were still bare and bereft of any life.
Almost as if we were still in the throes of winter.
The poem I've put with them sums up
 the beginning of spring in New Zealand,
where I live, as well as Australia, which it mentions.
The jonquils have been putting on a great show for most of the winter
but the daffodils are the first ones I have seen this season.


The morning it is breaking cloudy and gray
It does seem another cool late Winter's day

But the birds in the Parkland they whistle and sing
Believe it or not 'tis the first day of Spring

The first day of September the day of the year
When to Australia in the Southern Hemisphere

The Spring she arrives for her three months stay
With much warmer weather just a few weeks away

The Spring has arrived with her wildflowers and green
And her beauty in gardens and parks to be seen

Spring she arrives and she brings with her new life
And in parks and gardens Nature's beauty is rife

For the first day of September a cool chill in the breeze
But the birds chirp and whistle on the bushes and trees. 

The First Of September 
Francis Duggan

I hope you are enjoying your week 
whatever the season.
Until next week,