Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Trying to catch up with myself

     It's been busy since Christmas what with my brother and his family and then two of my sisters arriving for holidays from Australia. Don't get me wrong though, it's been a fun busy time and I've enjoyed seeing everyone :)
     I've also been to a conference in Auckland and now find I'm "trying to catch up with myself". I had an opportunity one afternoon to go up to the viewing platform on the Sky Tower, so here are a few snaps taken that day.

Looking toward the harbor viaduct
from the bridge over to the tower.

The tower from the same bridge.

Part of Auckland Harbour from the viewing platform.

I managed to put my toes on the glass floor
 long enough for a photograph.
 That was long enough, then I was back to the
more solid looking area.

When we got back to street level there was a
Pacifica dance group performing.
A nice finish to the tower visit :)

I'll see you again when I can :)