Sunday, 21 November 2010

West Coast reminiscing...

I have had a wonderful holiday, only a week but a great week. Went to the Coast and revisited the old haunts, caught up with all the rellies who still live there and had a lot of fun. Sis, Mum and the GKB came as well, it was a time of reminiscing and laughter. Even the Christchurch cuzzy was there on holiday so it really worked out well.

Needless to say not a lot of planned exercise came into it but we did walk the streets where we used to live and try to work out where things used to be in the 'good old days'. Sis met a girl she used to play with when she was a pre-schooler so they had a bit of a catch up and have become friends again.

We also went for a drive up the coast road to the blow holes, which were not working as the sea was not rough enough. That was a bit of a pity because the GKB had never been there and it would have been marvellous if the old chimney pot was blowing. But it did rain for us and drove us into the cafe for cappuccino's, hot tea and wonderful home made afghans. Made fresh on the premises each day - yummy!

Sad to say that I have not been for a walk since getting back and have only been on the bike once or twice since getting back home. I will have to really get back into that as the silly season is upon us and I have already been to one wind up for the year that was celebrated with heaps of decadent food. Very Yummy. And I have another one to go to next Sunday night, shock horror, I have to prepare some finger food to take.

So life goes on, and I am back at work, week 3 coming up, it seems like only last week we were all having a good time together, but sis is back in the land of Oz, we are back at work and Christmas is just around the corner. I already have my first Christmas card, now that is a bit scary, but we also have to get the overseas parcels away tomorrow if they are to get places in time without them costing a small fortune. And write and send the Christmas cards -all good fun, I love Christmas and all the fuss and stuff that goes with it. Bring it on, it can't come soon enough...

Sunday, 14 November 2010

oh well, back to work again ...

Holidays are over and it's back to work again, oh well, that's life.

I did a lot of walking while on hols, also did a lot of sitting on the bum getting from here to there and back again. We ate a lot of rich food as well, yummy. Night one, out for a meal with the rellies, chicken casserole and fresh veges then fresh fruit sponge pudding and ice cream. Night two, out with more rellies, whitebait patties and salads followed by cream cake and strawberries. Night three a barbecue with another set of rellies - home grown venison, chicken legs and nelson oysters with the usual salads to go with it. Fresh fruit and cheese and coffee or tea. And those who wanted it washed everything down with a wine or beer of their choice each night. Lots of fun and laughter all around.

It was a wonderfully relaxing time, we detoured off the main highway and visited the little village under the mountains where Grandad was born and where his father ran a wool scour. It was a beautiful sunny day, and we had hoped to get into the museum there as there are quite a few family artifacts there but unfortunately it was closed. Still we took some photo's anyway.

At our destination we visited the old family home, well where the old family home used to be, it is now a block of pensioners flats and the street has become really rundown and needs a bulldozer through most of it. Sis met a girl who she played with as a pre-schooler and now they are going to keep in touch, they were good friends for years.

Back home again and sis and I went walking along the Silverstream one morning, it was so hot we were pleased to get back to the house for a refreshing drink. We talked so much we didn't really notice how far we were going but turned around at the main road and came back again. She's away back to Aussie now, via Wellington.

I have also been back on the bike again but the GKB keeps putting it back in the bedroom, especially if he thinks we are going to have visitors. Not good. Not good at all if I am to ride it - it can't make me feel guilty if I can't see it.