Tuesday, 21 January 2020

A stroll along the Silverstream

I went for a wander along the Silverstream today.
It was warm but with a bit of a breeze blowing at times and the fragrance coming from these lilies as I walked by was lovely.

I had decided to walk as far as the walnut tree about halfway along this section. It hangs over the path and I guess if you went along at the right time you might be able to pick up the windfalls. I've never been so lucky :)

As you can see it was quite a dull day and I actually had the path to myself - usually there are dogs and walkers or runners there. 
There are seats every so often, some donated by Rotary and others put out by home owners. The ones above look like they came from Carisbrook, the local football stadium, when it was pulled down.

I sat for a short while and just looked about and enjoyed the tranquility. Butterflies, bees  and birds flew past but 
I couldn't see any ducks in the stream, it was probably 
too early in the day for them.

On the opposite bank it was quite pastoral with sheep and
 cows in the paddocks. I didn't see any rabbits about but
 it was probably too early for them as well. We had a baby one in the front yard one day last week. I don't know where it 
came from and we haven't seen it since.


There were a few windfall walnuts but not worth gathering up. 
I'm not sure I'd know what to do with them in this green state anyway.
And for those of you who expressed an interest in seeing 
Alice's Christening gown up close here is a photo her 
Granma took of her on the tapa cloth mat.

And I will now finish and make my GKB a coffee, 
he's been out mowing the lawn so I think he deserves one :)

Until next time,


  1. What a beautiful stroll you describe. The butterflies and bees seem a long way off as I look out on the frosts of midwinter.

  2. Oh what a lovely place for walking. Looks calm and peaceful - nice to walk without people about I think.

  3. It's always interesting to sit and look around a while even when you are alone. Nice images of your area.

    My Corner of the World

  4. What a lovely, peaceful scene for a stroll. I love that people put out benches and places to sit. And thank you so much for posting the picture of your sweet great-granddaughter in her Christening Dress. Absolutely beautiful!! (Both the baby and the dress!) What a treasure!! Have a blessed and beautiful day! It is 31 degrees F here this morning in Florida, which is quite cool for us. I am waiting to see if the geese land on the pond this morning as usual. Of course, they are Canadian Geese and are used to cooler weather, so this shouldn't bother them! Have a blessed day.

  5. what lovely photos Diana, I'm rarely around blog land these days but its lovely to visit and catch up with the goings on of old favourites. I do trust that you and your GKB are keeping well and that life is kind.
    Fond wishes
    Rose....from Oz

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