Friday, 28 July 2017

Scavenging again

For photos that is. Most of them are from the archives, some are new. We haven't been out and about much in the last few weeks what with my GKB being a bit under the weather and then the snow followed by floods. I hope you enjoy them anyway even if you have seen some of them before. 

1:  Crane
We had been to Nunobiki Herb Garden at the top of the Ropeway (cable car, gondola) overlooking the beautiful city of Kobe in Japan. Travelling back down and naturally taking photos of the view we spotted this building being constructed. The crane was in the centre of the building on a gantry and as the building pushed skyward the crane was also heading skyward. Three photos I'm afraid.

2:  Ring
A cinnamon roll (ring?) I had for lunch one day whilst out with my GKB. Technically not a ring but with a smidgen of imagination it could be - it's circular, sort of :)

3:  Set
My DIL was baking and when I went out to the kitchen this is what I saw. I have never seen a cake cooling like this before but apparently it stops the weight of the cake from flattening itself. Who would have thought? Not me. Anyway I thought this cake was well enough 'set' to put in this post. I hope you all agree :)

4:  Light
Light reflecting off the top of the display case containing antique pocket watches. We took this photo in the jewellers/watchmakers shop in Shantytown earlier in the year.

5:  Bow
The bow used to be the pointy bit of the boat and landlubbers like myself could tell one end from the other. But looking at these two ships I'm not sure which end is the bow and which is the stern but I believe the ship on the left is bow toward us. If not we can see both ends of the ship on the right so one end must be the bow. Mission accomplished! Phew.

6:  Spring
Out visiting the local vet one 'spring' day and this was 
what I saw over the fence. 'Spring' lambs and one
 of them is 'springing'. 

7:  Open
Only 'twasn't. In fact it had been shut for a couple of weeks and was due to reopen the following day. We took this while strolling around one of the city suburbs one lunchtime and thought number  one son and DIL might be interested in visiting Kamome for a meal sometime. 

8:  Grand
We certainly felt grand sitting in these throne like chairs when out for dinner one evening with friends while on holiday. If we had realised how grand the setting was going to be we might have taken some grander (cringe) gear to wear. Still everyone enjoyed the dinner and the company and that's what it was really all about.

9:  Park
A sign pointing to a car park in a national park. Jacksons is a small place in Arthur's Pass National Park in the Southern Alps of New Zealand. If you blink  passing through you could well miss it, literally. There's a pub and not much more. That is the car park on the left, the sign on the right and it is surrounded by beautiful national park. 

10:  My own choice
A Thrush singing his lungs out one grey day.
 Just enjoying being alive

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  1. Was the cake a panettone, I have heard that you cool them upside-down. Love the lambs, and the Cinnamon roll looks yummy

    Julie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. This is the most enjoyable part seeing how everyone interprets the list of words and you have 'done me proud'! I was impressed by the size of the cane atop that building and the 'set' cake - I'd worry about it suddenly falling out and all that effort of keeping it light and fluffy being splatted out of it on impact! Don't forget to link in (if you had done already - my apologies but the link up failed and I have had to insert a new one so you will need to add your details again)

  3. I always love your pictures Diana! That cake is amazing. I have never tried that. Hope your hubby is feeling better.

  4. Those lambs!!! Ooooh.... :-D

    I have never seen a cake cooling like that either. It looks like someone got mad.

  5. I too was impressed with that crane. How did it get up there - using another crane perhaps? My first thought was like others, how did that cake not fall out? DIL obviously had done it many times before. I agree about modern ships lacking a 'pointy end'. Possibly by rounding it off more people could be squashed in. They are no longer elegant. Just huge.

  6. oh how lovely to see your photos this month, I think the baa lambs have to be my favourite as I love sheep. However,that crane is pretty good too.

  7. Love your photos and interpretations. Cranes at the top of a building are amazing. I must remember to look on YouTube to see how they work. Don't fancy being in one up there! Cake cooling like that? I know if I try that, it will all fall out! My favourite photo is the spring one, spring lambs! How can you not love them?

  8. Great photos & most amazing is that cake!! We've lots of lambs about too & they are ever so cute. Funny how we southerners both picked working cranes & bows of ships. Glad you are joining in & hope that your GKB is feeling better. Are you having an exceptionally cold winter, as we are here in Oz. Take care.

    1. Yes, this winter is very cold and very wet. Snow a couple of weeks ago followed by the 2nd worst floods in the area since records began. The area is still in clean up mode. But it can only get better :)

  9. Wow that set cake is an eye opener! I do like the look of the cinnamon roll though. ;)

  10. The cinnamon roll looks delicious. A great collection for the scavenger hunt and I enjoyed the little stories with them.

  11. I love little lambs! So sweet and innocent. ♥

    Love cinnamon rolls. Yum!

    I've seen cakes cooling like that online but doesn't it look like the cake would just fall out? Yikes!

    Have a lovely weekend, Diana!

  12. That is definitely an interesting way to cool a cake! I enjoyed this continuing to pray for your little mother. God bless you, Diana.

  13. I've always cooled Angel Food cake upside down like that over a bottle.
    Oh those lambs are the cutest things.

  14. Great finds for the hunt! Love the cake photo!!

  15. A fun collection - I like the cake-cooling idea and the beautiful scene at the entrance to the park. Hope your GKB is feeling better soon. x K


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