Saturday, 23 November 2019

Hello there

Hello all. I know I have been away for a long time, 
and the Christmas season is fast approaching 
so things will not slow down just yet. I do hope to be a bit 
more regular in posting from now on though.

Life has been really busy over the past few months 
so I will try to catch you up a little bit on what 
has been happening since last I was here. 

In September I flew up to Palmerston North to spend some time with my granddaughter and her new baby. It was a lovely time with the new mum and baby and her partner, who was meant to be on deployment with the army (hence the reason for me going up) but at the last moment his deployment was cancelled. Still it let me get to know him a bit better and see how the family unit worked :) They are doing well, granddaughter is a natural mother and just cruising through, asking questions when she needs to. She came back with me for a few days to visit her family.

mothers and babies with a grandmother

On the other hand granddaughter down here is struggling with depression after the birth of her baby. It's very sad as she was so looking forward to being a mother. So on a Thursday I pick her up and we go to "Mainly Music", a group for toddlers and their carers. We have babies from 5 months (our Arlo) up to four year olds, and carers encompassing mums, dads and grandparents. Music, games and food for all. Both Mum and baby are enjoying it. Of course she has other support from other members of the family but I am the one who doesn't work so can be on call, so to speak :)

two proud great grandparents with the babies
Babies seem to be in the air at the moment. We had a baby shower (no pun intended) a few weeks ago for a young lady in the study group I go to. Middle daughter gave me a couple of dozen disposable nappies and said, 'you can make them into a nappy cake Mum!' So I did, once I'd had a look on the internet and found out what she was talking about :) Here's a picture, I hope. (I'm writing on one device and hoping to upload pics from another :(  haha.)

nappy cake
Daughter in law has also had family visiting from Hong Kong and from London so we have been visiting with them as well. That was an enjoyable time and we have invitations to visit. Whether that ever happens remains to be seen, but I never rule out the possibility :)

I've also typed up a dozen of my little mother's children's stories. They are just short ones and were written for her grandchildren as bedtime stories. I hope to get them printed up and give them to those same grandchildren for Christmas. Most of them now have children of their own and I think they'll love them.

Other stuff has happened as well but I think I'll finish off here.
Have a wonderful week and I hope to be back again soon :)



  1. You have been busy, Diana. Glad it's been such happy busyness, too. I have a little great-grandchild, too. They bring so much joy, don't they? I have very happy memories of taking my now 16 year old granddaughter to Mainly Music when she was a toddler. It's a wonderful activity to share with the little people. Prayers for the young woman suffering from depression.

  2. So glad you're back. It does sound like you've been plenty busy... and enjoying your great grandchildren. That's wonderful. Sending good thoughts and prayers to the one with postpartum depression... but you being there to help is definitely a good thing.

  3. Sounds like busy and happy times.
    Good that you can be there to help your granddaughter with her depression.

  4. Prayer has been sent up for your granddaughter dealing with after-baby depression. I’ve been there (40+ years ago). The Lord helped me. Pregnancy, delivery, and all that comes with motherhood can really throw a person's body chemistry, habits, and daily life into a turmoil.

    The nappy cake is so cute! You did a wonderful job of it! Such a great gift.

  5. So wonderful to hear from you and know that you have been busy with happy times. Praying for the granddaughter with the post-partum depression. I hope she will get some help if she can. It is not that unusual, and there are many who have been there who could help. It was great you were able to spend some time with her. That helped I am sure. But oh, how wonderful that you are able to enjoy those precious great-grandbabies! What a blessing from the Lord! The children's stories from your mother sound wonderful. I do hope you can get those printed for your grandkids, etc....what a gift!!! Welcome back! We've missed you.

  6. Hi Diana lovely post i hope your grand daughter is feeling better soon.
    You sure have been busy and i love how you did the nappy gift,well done.
    Hope you have a lovely day my friend xx

  7. So glad that you've been enjoying your times with family. That's so special and a joy to be with the little ones. Praying for your dear one with depression after childbirth that this will lift. Your company was a blessing I'm sure.

  8. Typing the stories idea is wonderful! What a treasure.


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