Sunday, 4 November 2018

Beautiful colour

My GKB has been sussing out more features on his camera and below is the beautiful, colourful results of some of his sussing. 

And I had to show you this photo of Mischief (used to be known as Fluffybum as a kitten), our neighbour's cat. He is sitting under a bush at the bottom of our yard. Look at those eyes:)

Joining Debbie and friends for


  1. Beautiful pictures of flowers..

  2. So pretty and what a fluff ball!! I see where he got his original name.:) The Fall color is at its peak here. One good rain storm and the leaves will probably fall.

  3. Beautiful colors.
    Mischief looks like trouble. : )

  4. Dianna, what gorgeous bright flowers! I love seeing your spring photographs. And that little Mischief looks like he's planning a surprise attack!

  5. Adore the sweet kitty that you have renamed Mischief. Really just look at that sweetheart.

    cheers, parsnip and badger

  6. I'm so late to visit...thank you for joining in and I apologize for being so late to take a look at your fotos. I love them all, but that cat. I'm wanting a cat, if I can talk my hubby into it. I need the companionship since he's having medical issues. Animal therapy for me! <3


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