Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Brightening up a dreary day

It's a dreary day at our place today,
a touch of autumn perhaps.
The temps have dropped a wee bit
and it's forecast to be this way until at least Friday.

So after lunch my GKB said he might go
 up to the Sallies, an op shop, to have a poke around.
This is not my favourite way of passing 
time but I go along anyway. I find I enjoy
 it more each time I go and I think that
 is helped by the fact that they seem to have
 new managers and the store is quite well set out now.

We parked the car and as luck had it 
we had to pass the '$2 and Gifts' shop.
So in we went to have a look.
We have been looking for a cat ornament of some
 sort to put where we have buried our Claude.
This was grandson's (his true owner) request. 
And we found one in here. And it's ginger 
as Claude was, but with more white, Claude was
 totally ginger, but it will do the job well.
Grandson can paint over the white if he wants to.

And of course the danger with these shops 
is that you find all sorts of things you can't
 go home without. Especially if they are 
Christmas decorations on sale. I can't resist them.
But the little haul I came away with cost under $10.00
excluding the cat. A bargain in anyone's language.
Two angels, two snowmen and a porcelain Santa.
I can already see them on my mantle piece next Christmas :)

We did eventually get to the op shop! 
My GKB and I like to poke around in different areas. 
I head for the china and browse the books
 and he heads for the gadgets and cd's etc.
He found himself five DVD's and we have tried
 them all and they are in good working condition.
I think we'll be watching 'High Society' on Sunday
with my little mother if the weather hasn't picked up.
If the sun is shining we'll sit outside and chat.

And this lovely trio is what I found. 
It's a Royal Albert, Old Country Roses. 
I think it is beautiful and my GKB shouted it for me!
I think I'll keep him :)

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And that's it for today.
Keep warm if you're in the snow, 
keep cool if you're in the sun
and I'll see you back here next time.


  1. Hi Diana: Love the Royal Albert, always looks so beautiful. Thanks for the kind words. Blessings, Martha

  2. A fun thing to do on a dreary day.

  3. You found some useful and pretty items in the thrift shop. It's the kind of place I like to browse. The Royal Albert set is lovely and it's good that you also got the matching tea plate.

  4. You found some lovely items! I love the Old Country Roses tea cup set. I have the tea cup and saucer. The ornament for Claude is so life like looking. I had to look twice to see it wasn't real. Hope you have some good weather. Have a blessed day.

  5. You are so lucky to find the Royal Albert trio wow, I love Old Country Roses! I don't have it but would love to find one. Love the other finds too.

  6. Our snow came and went quickly Diana. For that I am thankful. I love your haul but the Royal Albert just beckons one to sit down for a cuppa!! ( See I can speak British!!lol) I am glad Autumn is coming your way because that means spring cannot be too far away for us. We had a lovely day yesterday but rain today and a bit colder. I have been looking in antique stores lately for a few things and I found something in Hartselle last week so I will have to share it on my blog when I receive it. It had to be special ordered!

  7. Hello Diana,
    That is wonderful that you found the ceramic cat for your memorial. Poking around those shops you never know what you may find. I love your OCR trio! So elegant!

  8. What great finds! That teacup trio at the end of your post is just stunning!

  9. You did very well with your shopping! xx

  10. You found some really great things to buy and at a great price.

  11. Diana, shopping always cheers up the day! I'm so glad you found an ornament that resembles dear Claude. The angels are lovely and the teacup too! I see Santas too!

  12. Why it looks like you are an old hand at this op shopping caper. Well done on all those lovely purchases. While you are watching Bing and Frank crooning their way through High Society you can enjoy a cuppa or two in your gorgeous Country Roses tea cup. How lucky were you to find this pretty!

  13. It looks like a successful shopping trip! So sweet to find the kitty for your beloved Claude, and those tea cups are wonderful! I just found 4 movies at the thrift, but haven't tried them yet. It's always a gamble....Hope your week is lovely.

  14. Love junkin'~great finds to be found :)

  15. Yes, indeed, that last cup and saucer are the Old Country Roses pattern. It is quite gorgeous. Plus the price of this pattern these days i very high, indeed. Nice job! Susan

    1. Yes, we only paid $15.00 for it and I thought that was a real bargain.

  16. It sounds like you had a great time. I have a weakness for Christmas decorations too, so glad you found something special.

  17. It sounds like you had a great time. I have a weakness for Christmas decorations too, so glad you found something special.

  18. Be still my heart...the Royal Albert trio is stunning, my friend :) You certainly found some lovely treasures.

    Hugs and joy to you!


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