Friday, 29 January 2016

Coffee mugs and teacups

Coffee mugs - I love them.
The trouble is I have had the same ones 
for years, the blinking things won't break!
And my sis and my SIL have both said
 the same thing to me since Christmas.
They won't break! 

So when I saw these ones in the 
Warehouse I decided to buy them regardless.
They are thick glass but I think they are fun.
Good for every day use.

And then I pulled these ones out. 
I have had them for years, my youngest
 daughter gave me four of them several years ago.
Of course you'll probably recognise them
 as Avon breast cancer fundraisers.
Really nice to drink out of, quite fine china.

This pretty pair came from Korea. 
My son brought them home after he had been
 in Seoul on a three month mission stint.
They are Hankook Fine Bone China.
I've only had them on display so far
but they are nice and fine as well
 - and don't you just love the delicate pattern?

Now I just love the rich autumn colours in this
 beautiful pair. The photo really doesn't do 
them justice.They were a gift from my DIL 
the first time she came over from Japan.
It has a rather ornate stamp on the bottom 
ringed with the words BEST HOME PORCELAIN.
Eldest daughter is a tea drinker,
 I may just get them out next time she's over :)

And she's the one who gifted us these two coffee mugs.
First to come along was the big mauve one - it says:
my Mum can make the smile 
on my face come straight from my heart.
Nice sentiments you say. 
But then a little later she gave her Dad the one that says:
I don't need Google, my wife knows everything.
Mixed messages from the cheeky child, haha.
 Now you might be wondering what I did 
with all the old coffee mugs - well they have 
been cleared out of the cupboard, cleaned up 
and will be taken to the op shop 
the next time we head down there.

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  1. You have a cute collection of mugs. And the pink ribbon rose for a good course. Lovely weekend!

  2. Beautiful cups and mugs. I know that: someone i want to see others at my table and buy news... the old come in a box and after a while I open it and I'm amazed, what I see -
    Have a good weekend

  3. Quite a collection you have there, love the teacups

  4. A useful collection and all so different. We get given mugs by the grandchildren, mostly novelty mugs or I buy them as souvenirs now and then. I like my little espresso coffee cups too and have a collection of those. Love your two with the fruit on. Have a lovely weekend!

  5. I love the tea cups and the mugs from Korea, I love mugs and cups too and have far too many and no where to keep them, trouble is some of them have sentimental value and it's hard to part with them. Have great weekend. :)

  6. There is just something about drinking out of a nice china cup! I think it makes the hot beverage taste better!! :)

  7. As time goes on we do tend to want new things when we tire of the old, even though we still like the old, it's always good to get new things. All your cups are pretty, now someone else will get to love and enjoy them.

  8. I love all things mugs and teacups! I've enjoyed seeing yours :) I hope you can stop by:


  9. Thank you for sharing your mugs and tea cups! I wish I could say that my mugs don't break here but I just broke my favorite coffee mug the other day. It was from Disney World and was just the right shape and weight and I loved it. Have a great day!

  10. I loved seeing your lovely mugs and the story behind them; that's what makes them special. It was fun to discover your blog today via Five on Friday. Have a great weekend, Pat

  11. A great collection of cups and mugs! I got a new mug today and I love it already! Thank you for joining Five On Friday, happy weekend! xx

  12. You can never have too many cups and mugs. I don't usually break them, but I'm death on glasses.

  13. Bone china cups - the only receptacle for drinking tea.

  14. Lovely collection of mugs. : )

  15. So fun to get a peek inside your "cupboard" of mugs. They are fun to change out every once in a while aren't they?!

  16. What fun photos. I really like the first ones the best.
    I have several I use everyday, so I don't use the same ones all the time.

    cheers, parsnip

  17. What a nice collection of coffee mugs. Since I don't drink coffee, I'd have to put tea in them.

  18. What beautiful mugs! Oh, my, it seems like mugs multiply around our house, too. We have donated SO many over the years, and we still have an overabundance in our cupboard! LOL! Thank you for sharing. ;)

  19. I usually find that the mugs I like best break really easily so that you're left with the ones you are not so keen on! :-)

  20. I only have a few mugs but tea cups I have more than enough. I treasure all of them though and it's fun to have a nice tea party and use them.

  21. Lovely to see the cups and mugs and learn who gave them to you. I have a huge problem with crockery I just love it. Think I inherited that passion from my maternal grandmother. Lovely post

  22. What a nice collection of mugs and teacups. I culled mine out a while back and took them to GoodWill. I still seem to have an abundance.

  23. This is a lovely collection of tea cups and I have to say my favorite are the pretty pair from Korea. I still have quite a few very basic plain colored ones from when my husband and I were first married.

  24. Hello my friend, love your collection of tea cups and mugs. I think the ones that never break are so cute and special. Have a wonderful week. Blessings, Martha

  25. I I enjoyed seeng all your mugs and the pretty teacups, Diana. It's always great to get some new ones and recycle the old. Someone will be sure to love them!

  26. Thank you for sharing your lovely mug collection, Diana! I admit that I have a mug problem too!


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