Thursday, 7 January 2016

Run! It says RUN??

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Otago Rail Trail.
photo credit: Kay Humphries Travel

My sister is coming over from Australia in a few weeks and while she is here we intend to walk part of the Otago rail trail together. How far we'll get is incidental really. Once upon a time we thought we would walk the full distance over a three day period. Back then it was achievable by both of us. But almost 10 years on we are not as fit or as young as we were so we decided to just start walking and after a couple of days, or maybe three, we will stop. And when she comes back again we will pick up where we left off and keep going. Eventually we will accomplish the full 150 kms. My GKB is going to drive and be our support person. 

Image result for free clip art runners.Image result for free clip art runners.

I'm really looking forward to it and so decided to follow a walking programme to get myself reasonably fit. The programme is over a six week period and my sister arrives in seven, so it works out quite well. This week is week two. I went out for the prescribed time and came home and checked to see what the times were for the rest of the week as it seemed to me I was repeating week one. Uh oh. Week two you RUN! How on earth did. I. miss. that. when I was reading it originally? I can't remember the last time I ran so this is going to be interesting. I will take it gently and ease into it, she says apprehensively. This evening. On the Silverstream bank where no one will see me if I time it right, haha. 

Image result for free clip art runners.

Watch this space :)
Oh, and I nearly forgot to tell you that my youngest sister is arriving tomorrow from Australia with her daughter and small grandson. They are staying with little mother but I hope to
 see quite a bit of them.

And that's it for today. 
See you next time


  1. Well good for you ladies. I truly find walking is my favorite exercise. And have fun with your sisters!! Sounds like a fun time for all of you.

  2. I know you will do great. I don't run any more would be more of a jog if I tried. Enjoy visiting with family this week. Hugs!

  3. Good for you, Diana! I enjoy running and ever since I was in college I have enjoyed Cross Country :)

    You are going to have such a blessed time with your sisters - what a joy! Hugs to you!

  4. Such good luck on your walking/run program! Six weeks should see you fit and ready for your sister.

  5. Sounds like a fun thing to do with your sisters. : )

  6. Diana, good luck to you and your sisters. Hooray!

  7. Oh goodness - I did hear right. Right? RUN? You said RUN? That little teeny three letter word gives me the shivers! HOpe you and your sister complete it all Diana. Humour me and forget the RUNNING girl! If absolutely necessarily do a power walk.... but RUN? Never! :)

    1. My ankles didn't like that word either so I walk quickly or jog for a couple of paces, lol.


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