Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Oh this spring weather...

This is what it looked like a couple of days ago even though the forecast had been for rain, hail and snow to low levels.

Well it did arrive and although we didn't get snow here the temps have dropped dramatically and it feels like winter again. This is how it looked a couple of minutes ago from one of my front windows.

A lake is forming in the yard.

And the storage bin began to float...

. my GKB had to go out and rescue it.
It doesn't look like a lot of water but it is!

A pot of soup is cooking on the stove - winter comfort food :)

If only I could I'd send this rain to California.

Well things got worse after I had written this. Flooding, shops, businesses and some homes sandbagged. Some people were told to prepare to evacuate, roads have been cut off and trees down as well as slips. And our power was out for a couple of hours. Apart from that all we have had is a leaking window. Thankfully we had our roof fixed back in February otherwise I think it would have been a different story. It was quite a weather bomb with more to come apparently.


  1. It is cold and rainy here too - typical weather for November here in the UK. We need the rain - not as badly as California, but the reservoirs are surprisingly low as are the rivers - after a glorious summer of endlessly sunny days - the water table is feeling a little sparse! Can't win :D

  2. Oh my that is a lot of rain.
    Hope you're starting to dry out.

  3. From your title I thought you were going to brag about wonderful spring weather. What a surprise and I guess for your area too to have so much rain.

  4. Oh, my! I hope you have better weather soon. It is quite cold here where we live, as we gear up for Thanksgiving Day tomorrow. God bless you and keep you safe!

  5. We are getting rain at last here.. :)

  6. I hope it is drying out for you there - glad you didn't get too much damage. We have similar here tonight. Hope you stay safe and dry.

  7. Oh, I hope you are okay by now! That sounds like quite a lot of rain at once. They say when it rains it pours...I guess that was certainly true for you. Glad you didn't have too many drips in the house!!

  8. Diana, I hope you are able to dry out soon! Flooding is no fun. xo


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