Monday, 29 October 2018

An afternoon at Airlie Beach

At the risk of boring you I'm going to share
a little more about our holiday in Australia.
I left you in our last post at Colour me Crazy,
a colourful little shop in Proserpine.
From there we travelled on to Airlie Beach,
a holiday resort a bit further north.
I have two sisters in Mackay and it was
my middle sister we were travelling with today.
The first thing we did after parking
the car was find a nice café for a bite of lunch.
It was as delicious as it looks :)
Even if it was pudding, yum.

After lunch we went for a stroll through town,
mostly looking for souvenirs to bring home for the family.
Sis found herself a nice little dress for the summer.
And we took a photo with one of the locals
who looked just a little bewildered :)

We wandered along the esplanade and admired the cruise ship which was anchored offshore. Then we headed down to the lagoon, Sis and I had thought we might go for a swim...


...but we changed our mind when we saw all the beautiful young people lying around, we didn't want to scare them, that was our excuse anyway :) I had gone out and bought swimming togs especially too, they're still waiting to be christened. Oh dear, vanity, vanity.

We'd been there quite a while and I didn't think my GKB was looking too good. He was dehydrated and so we found a spot in the shade and sat and drank lots of water, then thought we should get him home where he could go and lie down. He said he thought the damage had been done in the car on the way up, he was sitting on the sunny side of the car with his window up!

And this is one from a mob of emu's we saw on the way home.
They were scavenging on the edge of a cane field where
the cane had already been cut.

We went out to a sugar cane factory another day
but I'll save that for later sometime.



  1. That looks like a lovely beach. I haven't been in a bathing suit in ages either. I tried shopping for a new one but didn't like any.

  2. It is always interesting to travel along with you Diana!! We go to the beach in September when it is mostly older people there. We don't want to scare anyone

  3. Sounds like a lovely day. My bathing suit days are over too. : )

  4. You certainly managed to see a lot and do a lot on that trip. So glad you noticed your hubby wasn't feeling so well. Dehydration can be so dangerous. Yes, I don't do bathing suits anymore either, least not in public. If I had a private place to swim I might. Thank you for visiting my blog today also. So glad to hear from you and that you are doing well. Blessings.

  5. You could visit Florida with your swimsuit! Lots of people our age here! heehee! And yes, it's hard to stay hydrated when you travel. Looks like you saw lots of interesting things and had a great time! More pics would be great!

  6. I loved seeing your pretty vacation photos! I hope GKB is feeling better. That water looked lovely. I would have been very tempted to climb into it!

  7. Oh boy that dessert look yummy!
    Too funny you did not want to scare anyone on the beach!! I'm sure that would not have happened. :}
    What a lovely beach though.


  8. What a lovely holiday, Dianna! I'm not big on bathing suits either. I prefer walking barefoot in the sand wearing a lightweight dress or top & skirt.

  9. Loved seeing your wonderful time, Diana! The lagoon looks so beautiful. I get in a bathing suit several times a week because I do water aerobics with ladies of a certain age!!! I hope you have a great week!

  10. That would have been very tempting to go for a swim and cool down. I enjoy reading about your trip to see family in Australia. Amazing to see the emu scavenging at the edge of the cane field although I expect that's a typical sight in that corner of the world. Looking forward to your post about the sugar cane fsctory.


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