Friday, 27 October 2017

An icy start

I know I haven't been around much lately but I have managed to find some pics to put up for the photo challenge over at 
I live, I love, I craft, I am me with Hawthorn. Most of them were taken while we were on holiday earlier in the month. I hope to get back to normal in the not too distant future, in the meantime I will visit and post when I can.

1)  Making
We have been away on holiday for a few days and decided to go into the city centre for a bit of a stroll and look around. It just so happened that there was a street party and a good crowd of people. Amongst all the food stalls were one or two more interesting ones and this one caught our attention. An ice sculptor at work. Making!

And I'm sorry there are two pictures but I wanted 
to show you some of his finished work (even though they are not very clear).

2)  Empty

Once more two photos but you need to see the size of the pre meal 'while you are waiting snack' to appreciate the empty bowl below. We were out with our grandson, his partner and friend while on the same holiday. An enjoyable meal followed.

3)  Starts with an F

On another nice day we decided to go and have a look at the 'Cardboard Cathedral' which is being used in place of ChristChurch Cathedral after it was devastated by the earthquake almost seven years ago. This is the font just inside the entrance. The font and base are made from beautiful wood but the upright is cardboard. 

4)  Paper
Now this one is from the archives. We went up to Alexandra one Saturday during the blossom festival a few years ago to watch the procession and just generally hang. When I was young I always thought the procession floats were decorated with blossoms but of course I now realise that is not possible if we want to have summer fruit. So these lovely floats are made with tiny paper flowers.

5)  Neat
I think this tiny pansy is neat. It was only half an inch 
across and those little light dots on the purple are actually
 specks of pollen. I hope you agree this little flower has a neat 
little face as well as being so dainty and pretty.

6)  Street
Still on holiday. On the day we went to view the cardboard cathedral we also found this memorial to the 185 victims of the earthquake across the street. It stands on a street corner and is quite poignant. It consists of 185 white painted chairs. The tiny chair in the front is a baby's car seat and what makes it more moving for me is that it represents a young girl and her tiny newborn baby from my town. They were killed when a building collapsed onto the bus they were sitting in at the bus stop. 

7)  Kettle
This one had my brain ticking over...what to do that was different? Copper kettles? Nah. Electric kettles? Nah. Then one 'Aha' moment. We have a sports field in the city named Kettle Park! So last weekend in I went and took a photo and here it is. Football (rugby) and football (soccer) are both played here but not in the same areas obviously. The park adjoins the beach just over to the left and a wild wind blows off the water at times during the winter. Believe me I know - I've stood in it whilst watching my grandsons playing football (soccer).

8)  Unexpected
Another holiday pic - when we went out with our grandson for an evening meal we saw this round, glass topped table in the main bar but didn't take too much notice. It wasn't until we were leaving that we managed to have a closer look at it - a well in the middle of the bar! Totally unexpected. This is taken looking down the well and that is a light reflecting off water at the bottom. Unfortunately I never thought to find out the background story to share.

9)  Vase
Not very original I'm afraid. I mean what can you do with with 'vase'? I asked myself. And so all I came up with was this pic of shelves of vases in the Warehouse. A real challenge here so I'm interested to see what others have done with it :)

10)   My choice
Back to the holiday pics. I would love to have a ride in a punt sometime. It always seems quite romantic to me. This is a punt on the Avon River in Christchurch. Taken after we had spent a restful afternoon strolling around the botanic gardens.


  1. Ice sculptures!! they are amazing..

  2. So glad you are back Diana...loved all the interesting pictures!!

  3. Great interpretations. Convenient that you have a park called Kettle Park! Much better than my boring kettle. :) Is it really 7 years since the big earthquake in Christchurch. Those chairs are a poignant reminder for sure. I am definitely impressed with Empty. That portion was HUGE. X

  4. Great photos. The well looks deep.

    Julie xxxxxxxx

  5. Wonderful photos for the word prompts! The well under glass gives me vertigo just looking at the photo....So sad to see the empty chairs in Christchurch. My son and a friend visited New Zealand and the Cathedral shortly before the earthquake and I still have the photos he sent me. The ice sculptures are amazing. x Karen

  6. That pre-meal snack was huge! I admire people who can sculpt, draw etc as I cannot! I can't even trace an outline. For me, then Pansy photo wins hands down; it is so cute. They are amazing flowers.

  7. I love your river picture. I spent many happy hours watching people try to punt for the first time when I lived in Oxford. A lovely collection of photos. x

  8. Your last picture is beautiful, it feels so serene. How lucky to have Kettle Park come to the rescue, there wasn't much scope for that subject.

  9. What a delightful group of pictures! so very interesting in every way. Helps us to see more of your part of the world...very beautiful and unique. Loved this!

  10. Supper set of photos, you have found some interesting ones, like the vases and the ice sculptures.
    Amanda xx

  11. You clever thing.... Kettle Park! You certainly get the 'thinking out of the box' gold star! I love your stories and images - thank you for joining in x

  12. Lovely pics Diana & very moving ones from the earthquake area.
    Love the one of Kettle Park, also a word I was trying to find something different, but didn't. The glass above the well is amazing. Take care.

  13. Nice to see all your photos. You've done well with the challenge!!

  14. Diane, what a delight to see your post! I am amazed at ice sculptures. The skill and creativity is wonderful! Your shared snack looks pretty amazing too. Yum!

  15. Wonderful photos and I really love the tiny pansy the best.
    So very sweet.

    cheers, parsnip

  16. Hi Diana , what a fascinating set of photos you have put together. How great to see that ice sculpture I think that has to be my favourite. Look forward to see what your next months will bring.

  17. Great photos, have enjoyed them all. great interpretations of the words too, especially Kettle. the ice sculptures are great:)

  18. Great photographs - I love the idea of a cardboard cathedral - and the white chairs - very sobering. The well in the middle of the restaurant too is a crazy thought - I'm glad it's covered with glass :)

  19. Love reading entries from you in NZ and Susan in Oz. I Googled the cardboard cathedral - it is amazing and such a brilliant idea. The white chairs are a really poignant reminder to us here in the UK where it is easy to forget things like your earthquake. Lovely post.

  20. What a fantastic collection, an interesting and varied mix of photos, I really enjoyed your post :)

  21. A very fun post! I will have to go over and check out the photo challenge!

  22. These are some fun and interesting photos! The well 'table' is really amazing to see.

  23. What are those big yellow things in the snack bowl?

    Gotta say, LOVE the perspective in your header photo! Where do those steps lead?

    1. Those big yellow things were chips, or fries as some people know them. And dipping sauces.


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