Thursday, 30 November 2017

November scavenger hunt...

Hello folks :) It's that time of the month when we join Hawthorn and friends over at I live, I love, I craft, I am me... for the monthly scavenger hunt. I hope you enjoy my offerings.
The evening before the full moon this month my GKB 
snapped this. A lovely royal blue sky don't you think?

Aged about three. This is me sitting on a little wooden rocking chair. Every December one of the department stores in town ordered in dozens of these little chairs and just before Christmas my grandfather would go down and get enough for the small grandchildren and paint them a lovely shiny red. We loved them. 


Starts with a ...W 
A warning -  sign seen at Orana Wildlife Park in Christchurch when we visited last month. I found it rather amusing as the animals mentioned include big cats.

A large group of people with flags in Aotea square, Auckland.
The flags were very bright and colourful, a rainbow of colours.

On the outskirts of Alexandra in Central Otago, the arches
 from the original bridge crossing the Clutha River. 
Part of the modern arch of the new bridge is to the right. 

Do you see the fishing rod in here. To my GKB it is the ultimate toy. In fact he loves this one so much that he has more in the garage cluttering the place up waiting in case he fancies a change. Why he would need more than one is beyond me as he can only use one at a time or take the risk of having everything confiscated (including the very expensive license) if he is caught with more than one in use. This was after a day at the river.

Brought out to celebrate their 80th birthday. 
Tip Top Ice Cream's new flavour - Birthday Cake Swirl.
Very nice too, but not my favourite :)

I hope you can see this brush. It is very pale pink and sitting on the white background it has tended to fade away. I was going through the stuff in my old glory box (hope chest) when I found this little china pram with the brush sitting in it. The brush was a baby gift on the birth of my eldest daughter, who is about to turn 50 in a few days, and the pram was part of a flower arrangement sent into the nursing home while we were in there.

 The same daughter's wedding nail
nearly forty years later. Very elegant.

My choice
I like this neon sign. It used to be on the top of a butchery in the city, which has been demolished. The pig is now housed in Toitu Settlers Museum. He's rather colourful and I tossed up between him and the flags for the rainbow prompt.

If you want to see how others handled the prompts 
head over to I live, I love, I craft, I am me... and take a look :)



  1. All of your picks were wonderful.
    Love the Moon photo.

    Cheers, parsnip

  2. Great photos. I love abandoned bits like your brige arch & old neon sign, although it's also sad to see them disused. Fishing rod as as toy? Never thought of something like that & you were very cute as a youngster. Take care.

  3. Great photos, love your daughters nails. and the neon sign, and picture of you

    Julie xxxxxx

  4. Hi what lovely photos. I love the one of you. Very cute! The rainbow of colours is perfect for the prompt and what an amazingly blue sky. X

  5. Hi Diana - lovely selection again! had to smile at the little red chair - such a sweet photo :)thank you for joining in x (PS is your surname Mattingly? I think there is an issue with the link up party on that name - if it is you, please pop over and have a look, I would hate you to miss out on visitors coz the link takes visitors straight back to my page :) )x

    1. Thanks for that, I've had a look and hopefully fixed the problem.

  6. Diana, I love the picture of you as a child. I had a little red rocking chair as well and we bought one for our children that still sits upstairs in the grandchildren's play room. Happy Memories!!

  7. Superb moon surrounded by such deep blue sky and I love all the childhood photos I'm seeing this week.

  8. The photo of you at age 3 looks so much like me at that same age! I had a double take when I saw it. It must be the hairstyle.

  9. Great photos, love 'me' 'rainbow' and 'blue' Also love the two arches togather on one photo:)

  10. Lovely pictures especially Me, rainbow and that amazing blue sky. That is what I miss in the Northern Hemisphere, don't seem to see that strong blue sky here.

  11. Thanks for entertaining me for several minutes! Fabulous photos and stories. My Beloved has a collection of fishing rods etc etc but are in the loft.... My favourite has to be the old stone arch; they don't build them like that any more!

  12. Oh the picture of you is so cute.
    That sure is a bright blue sky.
    I've had the flavor of ice cream but it was called party cake. Like you I liked it but not my favorite.

  13. I love your selection of old and new photos. Such happy memories, a beautiful moon to gaze at and more places that I should visit - just so very far away from where I live but you never know!

  14. Oh, how interesting! My favorite picture is the one of your daughter's beautiful hands and nails! You are right, they look so elegant and lovely. Hands tell such a story, don't they? Her hands look like hands that nurture and show much love to the ones she blesses and serves. I imagine she has just as beautiful a heart as she does hands. It was so nice to see a post from you, and I trust all is well with you and your little mother. I am praying for you as I type this. God bless you and your family!

  15. Such lovely photos to peruse, hmmm hard to choose a favourite but I think the nail one is so pretty.

  16. Such interesting stories with your photos. My favourite isn’t the one of you on the lovely wooden rocking chair, what a nice Christmas tradition.

  17. Is the one of you, not isn’t! Oh those typos!


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