Saturday, 5 July 2014

Looking for Christmas

It's a horrible wet winters' day today. Cold and threatening to snow. If only it would, it might make a cold, horrible day interesting.

We had soup and hot cheese rolls for lunch and then my GKB settled down in front of the telly and I started browsing on Pinterest. As you do. What was I looking for you might ask. Well seeing as my side bar tells me there are only 172 days until Christmas I thought I'd better get cracking, after all I don't want to miss out. But I was not looking for this sort of Christmas idea...

...but rather this sort...

...where you sit around out of the sun with your friends and family after you have eaten your big Christmas dinner/lunch...

...and someone gets a game of backyard cricket going...

...and then as if you haven't eaten enough
 you have pudding, because you can...

...and do more sitting around with everyone while you recover.
Eventually everyone retires to their own homes and you go inside and watch the kitten demolish the Christmas tree, because she is cute and you can't be bothered stopping her.

The thing is I didn't find a lot of summer Christmas ideas, but I shall keep trying. I love the idea of a white Christmas but living in the southern hemisphere that is not very likely to happen. So new summer ideas are what I am trying to find.

Well I hope I haven't scared you by doing a post on Christmas but I thought I'd catch you up on what I've been doing.

Have a great week,


 And I have to tell you all that when I had finished 
writing this I went through to the kitchen and guess what 
was playing on the radio? 
"We three kings of Orient are".


  1. I live in the desert and sometimes there is a chill in the air but our 2 months of winter do not start till after Christmas. With snow on the mountains and rain (sometimes) and sun in the valley.
    I have already started my Christmas Card design.

    cheers, parsnip

  2. OMG; you reminded me the opposite season we have here again p;) Well, I cannot quite imagine Christmas in a summer time. Lovey pictures and gave me a sweet smile, your Kitty is really cute♡♡♡
    Wishing you will have a wonderful week ahead..Diana

    Sending you Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*

  3. Oh Diane, what a delightful post! Summer Christmases can certainly be a challenge. Over here it's usually who has the best airconditioning and, a big swimming pool!
    I see what you mean, a blanket of snow would at least make an otherwise cold, wet miserable day 'interesting'!!
    Let us know if you get some white stuff!

  4. Oh my, I really don't want to think about Christmas now... and yes, you did scare me. But I can understand enjoying the prospect of family getting together for food and festivities. Although it's usually cold here in Texas by December, we don't always get snow or ice... but we do get flu and colds and I don't look forward to that. However, it's only July 5th and who knows, by September, I'll probably be more than glad to get rid of the hot Texas heat. Love the pic of the kitten in the tree!

  5. Hard to imagine it being cold now.
    I lived in Puerto Rico a few years and it was warm for Christmas there too.
    Well, the first Christmas wasn't white. : )

  6. I've already started my Christmas shopping but thanks for the reminder. With 21 grandkids, seven kids and 7 kids in law, plus numerous other relatives and friends, if I didn't start early I'd never get it done. Time to cut back on gifts I think and just enjoy the matter what the weather is.

  7. Intrigues Me to think of Christmas in Your area to be in Summer.Southern Ca. is not snowing,except in the mountains at Christmas but it's still Winter.So interesting to Me.I'm sure people there think Christmas in Winter is a little odd.This Internet sure makes the world small. Blessings to You and thank You for dropping by for a chat.-Denise

  8. Our Christmas are almost alike. ours are hot sometimes we go swimming on Christmas day.
    Now, I am thinking of gifts oh boy.....

  9. It looks like you make every time of the year a celebration! I'm having a party this morning on my blog! Visit again soon and have a fabulous weekend! Hugs, Diane


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