Monday, 23 June 2014

A gutsy gal...and a trip away

Mrs D
This morning I watched a programme on telly I had asked my GKB to record for me because I had been reading this girls' blog on and off for a few months now and was interested to see her in person. I'd like to recommend it to you. I so admire the guts this girl had to go on national television and tell the story of her battle with alcohol and the road to recovery. She started to blog as a way of helping to cope with coming off the drink and if you go to her post of 22nd June you can get the link to her interview. I'm sorry I haven't worked out how to link you through to her blog site but it is called: Mrs D Is Going Without The link to her interview is: On Demand
I reckon this interview would be helpful to anyone with an alcohol problem, knows someone with an alcohol problem or for someone who is just interested in people. The honesty of it just blew me away. I hope you'll go over and have a look and maybe just encourage her on her journey - she has touched so many people all over the world already just since she went on air. It's amazing.


And now for something completely different.

On Saturday my little mother and I went down to Gore with a couple of other girls for an Aglow conference. 

We had a great time, arrived the night before so that we wouldn't be leaving in the dark on a frosty morning. Of course that meant we had to find somewhere to have tea and we decided the prices at the lodge were too high so we went exploring in town. We ended up going to a Thai restaurant, the first time either my little mother or I had eaten it, so a new experience. And we enjoyed it. And you use a fork and spoon so no wrestling with chopsticks. Phew.

We managed to get a cabin at the venue so we weren't roaming around a strange town looking for where we were going when we should have been there. The conference centre was gorgeous, lots of bling. Chandeliers in the powder room no less. And in the conference room. Lots of chrome and mirrors and lights. I loved it. I'm a blingy sort of a girl, or maybe I'm just a magpie and attracted to bright objects. I took photo's of the chandeliers but discovered when I got home that I had the camera set on landscape and all my indoor pics were blurred. Oh well, you live and learn. Check your settings before you start clicking away.

It did mean my outside shots weren't too bad though. These were taken at 8:30am, just as the sun was coming up and a light, misty rain started to fall. I love the golden glow of them.

Anyway that's it for now. 
Have a great week
and I'll see you back
here again soon.


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  1. Good Morning from Japan;
    Oh, I DO admire people who could overcome such hardship as I can easily guess the strong will it takes!
    Haha, I had to check the word 'aglow'. Happy for your wonderful time, Diana. Smiled about the chopstick part, I've never enjoyed Thai dish. Yes, BEAUTIFUL pictures of morning scene♡♡♡
    I wish you will have a wonderful week ahead.

    Sending you Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*


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