Saturday, 7 September 2013

A late afternoon walk

Spring has arrived and today was nice and warm.
So later this afternoon  I went walking.
 I was surrounded by other like minded people.

Some of them had two legs and feathers.
Trust me, there is a duck in the middle of this photo, 
he or she decided to depart to the opposite bank
 as soon as I got my camera out.
It's mate went even further away.

Some of them had four legs and bounced
 around with the joy of life.

And some of them were just like me with two arms and two legs, 
although some were on wheels, 
and some just sat and made mud pies at the top of the bank.

Some intrepid souls even had their arms and legs on show,
but not I, oh no. 
It's still not warm enough for that sort of behaviour, 
not for this lass anyway.

Have a great week,


  1. Lovely flowers in your header photo! Still warm here in England, but first signs of Autumn appearing. Enjoy the arrival of your Spring! X

  2. Dearest Diana,
    Oh, I SO enjoyed your writing along with the pictures. You made me smile before going to bed, my friend in New Zealand. I wish I had such beautiful place to walk♡♡♡
    Have a wonderful Sunday!!! Sending you lots of love and hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*

  3. Such a pretty place you live at.

  4. Enjoy your spring and I am going to enjoy my Fall!

  5. Hi Diana. Lovely to think that Spring will soon be appearing in your little corner of the world. Summer is coming to an end over here in England , but I don't mind this year as we have had such a glorious summer (for a change!). Enjoyed looking at your photos today. Your header photo is very pretty by the way. Enjoy your weekend.


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