Tuesday, 4 June 2019

Queen's Birthday Weekend 2019

Well that was a weekend and a half...but we got through it :)
Queen's Birthday Weekend happens in June, and you guessed it, we commemorate the Queen's birthday. A long weekend, Friday through until Monday.
It started off with our expectant mother going into labour late on Thursday and giving birth to a lusty son on Friday via emergency C section. He weighed in at 9lb 1oz and is named Arlo. We haven't been to see him yet as, although he is doing well, mother is a bit overwhelmed and isn't up to visitors. So we'll put it off for a few days and go when she's ready. Sorry no photo's, you'll have to take my word for it that he's a good lookin' dude!
On Friday night I helped my daughter decorate the church hall for a baby shower. Yes, we have another little person joining the family in August :) A little girl this time. So it was a pink theme.
Very traditional.

Chloe lives in the North Island. She came down for the holiday weekend so her Mum decided a shower would be nice for her,
and for her old girlfriends.

She was given some beautiful gifts, the girls and the family did her proud :) Someone was even thoughtful enough to give her a big pink fluffy dressing gown for herself.

Her aunties and grandma's provided most of the afternoon
 tea and it was a lovely spread. It was also very cold with snow threatening which is why we are all dressed in our winter woolies.

We managed to get a photo of Chloe with all the grandma's.
Left to right we have two great grandma's, grandma, mum to be, grandma and great grandma.

As you can see we decorated with little baby outfits and dresses - from back when my girls were babies and toddlers.
I didn't know they had kept them.

 The only trouble with decorating is that it all needs undoing but the young girls all stayed behind and helped. I thought that was a really nice gesture.
Now it's Tuesday evening and I've spent the day away at
the funeral of a friend. He was only in his late 60's
 and his death was unexpected. But it was a joyful funeral,
he had a deep faith and has gone home to be with his Lord.

As I said, it's been quite a weekend, but we got there.
So, have a good week folks,
until next time,


  1. Happy for you that you have so many new babies coming into your life just now. We are at that in-between stage where the grandkids are too big to want to rock much and too young to even think about dating let alone marriage and kids.

  2. Congratulations!! :)
    That was quite a weekend.
    So sorry to hear of the loss of your friend but sure happy that he is now with Jesus!!

  3. So pleased all is well after the emergency C section delivery. It's good to hear about the growing family and the joy this brings. Some of our grandchildren are adults, but not ready to settle down and start a family, others are teenagers so we have no little ones in our lives at present. I'm sorry for the unexpected loss at a young age of your friend, but we trust that as a believer he's now with the Lord Jesus.

  4. So happy for the safe arrival of the little one, and the happy anticipation of another coming soon! My great niece is expecting Baby Girl in July. I am sorry for your loss of your friend, yet celebrating that he loved the Lord. xx

  5. Oh, Congratulations on the birth of your BIG grandson! So happy he arrived safely, and praying now for the sweet mum who is overwhelmed...may the Lord restore her strength and get her back up and ready to enjoy that bundle of joy! And then, you have another grandbaby..a girl! coming in August! What a blessing for you! That is so exciting. I am sorry about the unexpected passing of a dear friend...it's interesting how we have births and deaths so close together in life...praying for that friend's family and friends as they will miss him. Such joy that he is in heaven and they know they will see him again. Wondering what you all did to celebrate the Queen's birthday?

  6. He really is a BIG baby! I know you are happy everything went well! Congratulations to you all! Babies are such a blessing for the whole family. And I'm sorry your lost a friend. That does seem too young now that I'm that age! Hugs!


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