Friday, 24 May 2019

A lazy tea

It's been a busy day today. Housework in the morning
and down to the shops this afternoon followed by a visit
from eldest daughter and still pregnant granddaughter.

She was due six days ago but I think
he is nice and warm and cosy where he is
 and knows it's winter out here :)

ready to go under the grill

So it was a lazy tea tonight.
We had cheese rolls - a southern specialty.
People have their own secret recipes
and they are a popular school fundraiser.

ready to turn

A cheese mixture rolled in bread, brown or white.
We prefer white. We often pair them up with a cup of soup.
Cold day comfort food.

ready to eat

Youngest sister ordered two large cheese roll whilst
out for lunch one day, not realizing large ones
 were made from a caterers loaf. She hadn't
had one since she moved to Australia nearly
thirty years ago.

hamming it up on holiday.

Have a good weekend


  1. Those are interesting "cheese rolls"...the bread is actually rolled around the cheese and then toasted/grilled? Would love to know what the cheese mixture is...sounds interesting. Your granddaughter looks quite ready to have that baby! I hope "he" comes soon! I know, my first baby was 2 and 1/2 weeks late, and it was very hot summer here...and I was quite miserable...and baby was quite large...9 lb. 13 &1/2 oz. So we were both happy when he made his appearance. Praying for a safe and healthy happy delivery soon for your granddaughter and her precious child! What a joyous blessing for all of you!!

  2. She is VERY pregnant! :-)

    LOVE the butterfly painting above the mantle!

  3. mmmmmm...sounds relish! Hope the birth is easy and the baby healthy.

  4. Hi Diana, Congratulations to your granddaughter! and to you! :-) The cheese rolls look delicious. I love grilled cheese sandwich which, I'll bet, is pretty similar. Have a great weekend!

  5. Oh those cheese rolls sure look good!!!
    Hope your granddaughter had her baby by now and all are healthy and happy. : )

  6. An interesting way to make a cheesy snack. Substantial with some soup. We enjoy cheese on toast for lunch from time-to-time. Praying that baby soon arrives and all goes well. Blessings to your granddaughter, baby and family.

  7. I saw these cheese rolls on TV just today but never heard of them before. They sound easy and yummy!
    I'm sure you'll let us know when the great grand decides to show up :)

    1. Apparently cheese rolls are only made in Otago and Southland :) great winter fundraisers. Granddaughter is still hanging on, no baby appearing yet :0


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