Saturday, 22 June 2019

A year on

It is just over a year since my little mother went home to her Lord.
That time has passed quickly and she has been on my mind
 at some part of every day since.

One of my sisters in Australia sent me a beautiful flower arrangement 'for looking after our mother' in their absence.
They really are rather lovely and lasting well. A lovely gesture.

I've been a bit off colour for the past week with an inner ear thing going on so I haven't ventured far from the house until today. So I thought I'd share with you some of the books I've been reading over the last little while. I 'borrowed' the Ruth Rendell book, Going Wrong, when we were holidaying in Aussie last year and I must send it back. I'd never read anything of hers before and found her rather intriguing, with the twist in the plot that you don't see coming. I've read more since then and that same twist in the plot seems to happen, her style I guess.
I always enjoy Dan Brown, Inferno this time, but with a bit of space between books :) I like a good page turning action thriller occasionally.
Then there is Lost and Found by Marilyn Harris, who I'd never heard of until I borrowed this book as well. Also while we were in Aussie and also needing to go back but this one can wait until next time I'm going over. The story is set in the depression era in the 'American dust bowl', the tale of a little girl who is accidentally left on a train and her long journey to finding her family. Also a page turner.

The ones I have enjoyed most though are 'The Seven Sisters' series by Lucinda Riley. I was a bit iffy about the first book, before I started reading, but now I am hooked. The books all stand alone but having read one out of sequence I wouldn't do it again as it throws things out of kilter a bit. Each book is about one sister, all of whom have been adopted, and her search for her roots. I've read the first four books and so far have been to South America, Norway, Australia and England. Beautifully written novels with a lot of attention to historical detail. If you haven't read any of them I highly recommend them.

A couple of days ago eldest daughter rang to say she was coming over and 'don't buy pumpkin'. No wonder, she had three in the car and left two with me. The big orange one is a soup pumpkin so I may put that in the community pantry around by the grandkids school. I certainly won't be making it into soup. I'll cut the other one up and give some of that away as well. It came from her partner's farm, he likes to grow unusual veges on a plot near the house. These are not too bad but we have been given the occasional strange, to us anyway, vegetable. Or odd coloured ones :) And usually enormous!
Winter has arrived with a vengeance this week, perhaps I should make that pumpkin into soup ;(

Until next time


  1. Some pumpkins! That was really sweet of your sister to send you flowers.

  2. The Seven Sisters series sounds like books I would enjoy and I'll be getting them out of the library to read.
    You have a thoughtful sister to send you the flowers.
    In August it will be 2 years since my mom went to heaven. Maybe our moms met up there!! :)

  3. A thoughtful sister. The flowers are beautiful. I hope you feel better soon. Keep warm, enjoy your reading of some good books and company when your daughter comes to visit. Amazing pumpkins and it is good you can share them with the community.

  4. What a thoughtful gift from your sister, Diana. You and I both lost our little mothers in the same year. Yes, not a day goes by that I don't think of my mom, either. June 30th would've been my mom's 90th birthday. I'm hoping that all my 8 grandchildren can come over on that day.
    Thank you for the reviews on the books! The pumpkins are beautiful!!


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