Saturday, 6 April 2019

New beginnings

New beginnings in more ways than one.

A lot has changed in my life in the last few months,
I have given up some activities and taken up others.
Some things are going to be a challenge and a
learning curve for me but I'm looking forward to it.
One thing I discovered though was that I needed 
more variety just to bring some balance to my life 
- I needed to do something creative.
So I decided to come back to blogging, this is totally different to anything else I am doing and writing and taking photographs is the type of thing I enjoy doing, I find it very relaxing.

I am also cross stitching on a baby blanket.
Middle sis, in Australia, crocheted it 21 years ago for my daughter when she was pregnant. I never got the stitching done on the blanket before the baby was born so she just used it as it was.
Sis had also earlier crocheted the same blanket for my eldest daughter and I'd managed to do the cross stitch on that but for some reason not on the second one. Above is one of the panels I'm copying.

And now we have a new little life just about to begin.
Eldest granddaughter, Monica, remember
the wedding we went to last year, is going to gift us with
 a little boy and the blanket came out for me to finish.
Now this is not the sort of creativity I am happy with
but seeing as it is for my first great grandchild it will be done :)
And if I do a little each evening it should be finished in time.

We had a baby shower for her a couple of weekends ago so
 I've put up a couple of photo's of the blooming mother to be.
She was so delighted with all her gifts and just slightly overwhelmed by peoples generosity as well, I think.

So...I'm back and find I have enjoyed writing this.
I've been on once or twice reading posts
but only decided last night I needed to come back.

Have a lovely week,


  1. I have thought about you recently with the sad news from New Zealand last month, and I wondered how people in your country were dealing with that and the aftermath. Not asking for political or other statements, just wanted you to know that you've been in my thoughts and prayers as you are the only connection I have with NZ, so that news made me think about you all. How wonderful that you are back with us blogging again!! And even more wonderful is the news that you will soon have a great-grandbaby! That is marvelous news!! So happy for all of you!! And I hope you enjoy your cross-stitchery. I never could get the hang of it. I blame it on being a lefty! That blanket will be a treasure for your granddaughter and her sweet baby!! Thank you for coming back to us!!! Blessings to you and yours.

    1. Thanks for your thoughts Pamela. The events in Christchurch were really quite horrific, unfortunately the world finally caught up with our little country. I was shocked by what happened but not surprised, which is a sad thing to say. The people of NZ have closed ranks around our Moslem community and are showering them with aroha (love) and compassion. From the ordinary person in the street to gangs and church groups most people have embraced them in their grief and horror. People are reaching out to them in all sorts of ways and the Moslem community (after a little understandable apprehension) have embraced us back. As for the man who committed the crime most of us are not using his name - it has seldom been mentioned even in the media apart from when he has been in court and his face is blocked out of photographs or tv.
      We are looking forward to becoming great grandparents, only 6 weeks away now. It will be lovely to hold a new wee soul again :)

  2. Hi Diana, Nice to see you back on your blog. I also took a break from blogging toward the end of 2018 and January and February of this year. I thought after 8 years of blogging I was tired of it. But, after hemming and hawing finally decided to return in March with a new challenge for myself. I wanted to see if I could do a little 3-mile walk daily around a local lake, take pics, and post on my blog. I surprised myself by getting it done completely and now I'm sort of into a habit of doing the walk. You are so right about blogging ... getting out and taking some photos is relaxing and enjoyable. Then, might as well share some of the pics on the blog which stores them in the cloud and I can come back and enjoy them again one of these days. I am glad you are coming back as I think of you as keeping me in touch with New Zealand. NZ is still near the top of my list of places to see one of these days. Sending you kind regards from Seattle! John

    1. Thanks for your kind comments John. I think taking the break away refreshes you, it seemed to me to do that anyway. I hope you continue to enjoy your lakeside walks and also that you get to our country in the not too distant future. Diana

  3. How very nice to see you here again. Congratulations on becoming a great grandmother. I can tell you from experience you will feel the very same as you do being a grandmother. Wishing a healthy baby. Your granddaughter is beautiful like you!

  4. So glad to see you back again. :)
    Congratulations great grandma.
    I've tried to give up blogging a couple of times, but always miss it. It has just become part of my life.

  5. Yes, giving up is easier said than done,it seems :)

    1. In answer to your question about the baby blanket. I don't put an edge around it but leave it as it is.
      I make one a month for the Baby Blanket Ministry we have at our church.
      We meet once a month to work on blankets.
      The blankets are then taken to the hospital for the new babies, with a welcome package inviting the family out to church.

  6. Congratulations on becoming a great grandmother.
    Have a great day

  7. I envy you a new baby in the family! How wonderful it will be.


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