Thursday, 7 February 2019

My muse has left me

I have reluctantly decided to stop blogging
for the foreseeable future.
Unfortunately my blogging muse seems
 to have left me and although I enjoy
reading what everyone is up to I find that
I can't get anything on the page myself.
I had two goals in mind when I started
this blog and haven't achieved either of them
 - I'm not unhappy about that, just philosophical :)
I will miss you all, I have enjoyed getting
to know people through this medium
and hope I have occasionally made a
 positive contribution as well. So in the meantime...

So long, farewell, auf weidersehen, goodnight...



  1. I have on my blog a little widget that says 'Blogging without Obligation'. folk often drop out when then have had enough, you might find further on you pop in and leave a note or after a gap you are inspired again - it is entirely up to you - absolutely no pressure :)

  2. I'm sorry to hear that you will not be blogging as I've enjoyed meeting you through this way of communicating. I try and find a balance between blogging and other things I like doing and family commitments. I enjoy the interaction between blog friends. All the best to you and yours in the days ahead.

  3. I will miss your blogs Diana. Right now I am following the Endless Adventure on You Tube and they are in New Zealand for three weeks. It made me think of you right away. The scenery there is gorgeous as I knew it would be from reading your blog.

  4. Oh Diana, I am so sorry to hear that. We will miss hearing from the other side of the world!! But I know many need to rest from blogging now and then. We hope you will be back someday. God bless you and keep you!!!!

  5. I'll miss you too my friend. I hope you'll come back when you want to share and that you'll visit me now and again. Take some time off! Sweet hugs, Diane

  6. Sorry to see you go, but I understand. I've considered it at times, too but am continuing on for now though. My problem is reticence at sharing personal events which many bloggers write about.

  7. So sorry to hear about that. In this vast blogsphere I found you. I always loved to read your posts. I also didn't achieve through blog, what I expected. But, still I'm doing . Let see how long I can continue.

  8. Oh I am so sorry to hear you won't be blogging anymore. I've tried to stop blogging a couple of times but never last more than a week or two. :) I wish you the best and may God keep you in the hollow of His hand.

  9. Diana, may God bless you and fill your life with an abundance of beauty!

  10. Sorry to hear you are leaving. I wish you the best, Diana!

  11. Sending you my very best wishes - I have enjoyed your posts and if you decide to return, make sure to let us know. xx Karen

  12. I struggle with my blog as well. I don't always comment (bad of me, I know) but I've always enjoyed my visits here. God bless.


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