Friday, 19 April 2019

Capital snapshots

 Some snaps taken by my GKB
on a wet and misty Wellington day.

A day of sightseeing finished off with delicious hot chocolate.
Wishing everyone a joyful Easter weekend.


joining Debbie over at Breathing in Grace


  1. Such great fotos of beautiful architecture. I think the bronze statue is my favorite... oh, and the hot chocolate! ☺

  2. Hi Diana, your photos are very beautiful!
    I've never been in New Zealand, but I love the bike parking on double - floors...clever!
    Wishing you and yours a happy Easter!

  3. Beautiful capitol and architecture photos. Love the bronze statue of the man and his dog. Thank you for sharing Diana. Have a blessed Easter weekend.

  4. Wonderful collection of photos.
    Happy Easter.

  5. I enjoyed your photos. The man and the dog is unique as well.

  6. The architecture is interesting. That's what I like about big towns or cities -there's the opportunity to see styles of building from different time periods. The statue of the man and dog is well done and endearing. Wishing you peaceful days ahead.


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