Saturday, 26 May 2012

Going bush for a day ...

At this time of the year, when the days get just a tad cooler,
my thoughts often tend towards Australia.
One of the reasons is the warmer weather
and the other is because half my siblings,
along with their kids and grandkids live in Queensland.
Last time we visited was back in September,
just because we could, for a few weeks.

We visited with both my sisters, who are in north Qld,
as well as the nieces and nephews of course
and another couple of Kiwis we knew before they moved
to Aussie (a lifetime ago).

One of our nieces and her husband invited us to
spend a day at their 'block',
so we duly got in a car early one morning
 with her mother, middle sis,
and drove for a hundred kilometres
 or so down the road a bit.
We arrived in time for morning tea.
Niece and her husband and family had left much
earlier than us, 6am I think, and had set up camp.
Below are some photo's taken on the day, at the block,
7 1/2 acres in all, and it's amenities!!
There were also goats, cows, fruit trees and sugar cane.
And a pond for swimming.

The bunkhouse and alfresco dining room
Goat shed in the background.

The welcoming 'longdrop'.

Outdoor ablutions,
I had a wonderful bath under the stars that night
 before travelling back to civilisation again.

Kitchen amenities, with some of our lunch cooking.
Fish caught on the block, oysters bought on the way in.
Home grown salad greens to go with it.
What more could you ask for? Delicious!

Some of the 'muddies' (crabs) caught during the afternoon, for tea.
The blokes are very much into the hunter gatherer thing
and my GKB thoroughly ejoyed a great afternoon out with them.

The dogs having an afternoon nap on their 'bed'.
 Raised to keep them off the ground because of
creeping/slithering critters and to keep them cool.

Me, with my GKB, holding Blossom, a week old kid.
I was allowed to name her :D)

A couple of the young blokes getting the fire going after tea.

We had a lovely day out and were invited to stay the night
 but elected to travel back.
I'm a bit of a soft city slicker and enjoy
 my home comforts I'm afraid.

Well I hope you enjoyed our day out,
this is just a few pictures to give you a little bit 
 of an idea of what we did one day in Aussie.

There is so much more to tell, but maybe another day.


  1. What a fun visit I just had with you via blogland!

  2. WOW, what a fabulous post! And I hope you had a lot of fun!!!


  3. Wow, I couldn't believe the size of those crabs. It looks like such a fun camp out! HEY, what slithery things were you protecting the dogs from?? I think I like the idea of a campout where you can sleep else where! ha!! Although I feel I would like to campout over night one more time! I just don't like all the packing involved.


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