Monday, 11 June 2012

...okay, okay, I confess...

...I'm a royalist at heart :D)

Queen Elizabeth 2nd on her Coronation

So needless to say I have spent a fair bit of time the past week in front of the telly watching the 60th jubilee celebrations.
Part of the time I was at work so my lovely
GKB recorded it for me.
I have seen bits and pieces and so will watch it
all properly at my leisure. Each programme was approximately 4 hours long but as winter has finally arrived with a vengeance I should have plenty of time.

I loved the 1000 boat flotilla on the Thames - quite amazing to watch. It must have been really awesome to have
 been on the embankment with the crowds.
That royal barge was something else!!
I laughed at the little boy who said he loved
seeing it and what was "really exciting was the queen standing at the front driving it." That made his day. :))
It was a shame it was so wet, I'm surprised more of the Royal Family didn't end up in hospital alongside Prince Phillip!

Union Jack

The inside of St. Paul's cathedral is really magnificent, I have added a visit to it to my bucket list, along with a visit to Holyrood House where the civic lunch was held (I think). The carved ceiling in that great hall was something to see.
edit 22/6/12:( I have discovered I have the wrong palace, in the wrong country as well. Oh dear. I meant Westminster, not Holyrood, sorry folks).
Visiting England one day is one of my daydreams.
The queen looked so tiny at the back of the procession into the cathedral for the service and it was such a shame Prince Phillip
couldn't be there with her. But lovely to see all the family there, including the 2 young princesses.

Queen Elizabeth, June 2012
We recorded the concert in the grounds of Buckingham Palace -  a lot of my residents sat up to watch it and were really
disappointed and went off to bed very quickly once it started.
They felt sorry for the queen,
 I think they were expecting something a bit more
formal and sedate.

This week a series on the royal palaces has started so I am hoping to record those for later viewing as well, as unfortunately,
 they play on nights I am working :((

New Zealand flag
Signing off with my national flag having
flown the Union Jack throughout this post.

Have a great week.

p.s. All of the photo's on this
post have been taken
from the internet.


  1. Oh, wow, I missed all of it!! YUP...I don't watch much tv....I guess I could probably find some of it online. So what happened to Phillip that he could not attend?

  2. ok, so I glanced a bit online --ugh--that concert was so not the queen!!

  3. Hi Diana, so nice to 'meet' you. Thanks for your lovely comment and for becoming a follower. I've just hit your follow button too.
    I'm afraid I didn't see too much of the Royal celebrations and the weather was truly dismal. Such a shame it wasn't better for them.
    Have a great week :))


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