Thursday, 17 May 2012

letting off some steam

Sorry folks, I just have to let off a little steam!
I sat down to write something quite different but
that will keep till later.

Last night I was working (I work in a rest home)
and went to answer one of our residents call bell.
She was in quite a frantic state, had just answered her phone
and couldn't make head or tail of what was going on.
I could hear someone talking to her in a really persistent manner,
in a foreign accent and alarm bells started ringing.
It was one of those ratbag computer hackers trying to
get her to turn on her computer.
Being 99 and in a rest home and not owning a computer
she couldn't work out what was going on and getting in a real tizz.
I'm afraid I saw red and took the phone and let rip.
I sent him packing with a flea in his ear!
(And I didn't swear).
Now the poor old soul is scared to answer her phone in the evening.
These people have got no idea of the damage they do,
not just to peoples computers or finances but emotionally
  - I guess they don't care either, unfortunately.

On a happier note, in February I planted a couple of
sunflower seeds,
far too late for them to do anything major,
I really thought it might already be too cool for them to
germinate but was hopeful.
Well they did germinate and they grew and reached toward the sun. Then we had a week or so of cold weather.
I thought that was the end of them, but no.
Autumn turned out to be beautiful and warm.
The sunflowers grew and grew,
one outdoing the efforts of the other.
The photo above is the one which opened and bloomed,
and even though we have now had a dusting
of snow on the hills it is still standing tall.
Its mate is about 8 inches shorter and the day before the snow it was just starting to open - I haven't been down the yard to have a look at it since, but I must soon.
They haven't reached their full height, but just to have made it to the height they are has really amazed me.

Isn't life grand on the whole.


  1. I haven't heard about people calling about computers. I only have a cell phone and it is on a do not call list and I only get a few calls a week and it is generally only family or doctor reminders! I guess I am just a real loner!! I feel sorry for that lady!! Hope she is doing better now. I have always loved sunflowers--but in particular fields full of them--so beautiful!! We have been getting lots of thunderstorms and some tornadoes here in the South , and it is strange for my particular area. Usually our bad storms come later in July. We have had tornadoes, hail, and flooding in areas. However we did need the rain!!

  2. Oh, yes, IS grand.:)

  3. Well, this one is a new one to me but I'm not surprised. My mother lives in a retirement home and gets calls all the time about the mortgage of her house (she doesn't have one now), calls about her credit cards (she doesn't have any), calls claiming to be someone from her bank asking for her social security number. She knows not to give out her info, but it really chaps me. It seems these folks know how to prey on the olden folks.
    I'm glad you gave that guy an earfull!
    Your sunflower is so pretty and thank you for popping in to see m.e
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  4. Oh wow, what a story! and I love your sunflower!

  5. Gorgeous sunflower
    and gorgeous YOU
    for standing up for
    your precious patient
    at the rest home!

    I wish you a very cozy
    winter in the Southern

    xo Suzanne


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