Monday, 7 May 2012

fishing on the Taieri

Today has been a beautiful autumn day. The temperatures are still reasonably up there, afternoons where you can still get around in a tee shirt as long as you stay in the sun.
A couple of days ago, on a day very similar to this one, my GKB went fishing on the Taieri river and brought home some lovely fresh fish for tea.

While he was filleting it he had a rather frantic Claude helping
(or trying to help). Finally it was all done and Claude had his  reward. And so did we.

       Fresh fish fillets with lettuce salad and boiled potatoes
                                      and peas for tea.
                            (Just fish for Claude, of course).

In the meantime youngest daughter called in and said that on her way home she was calling into the supermarket to buy fish for tea.
So soft Dad decided he had better go out fishing again and get some fish for both the daughters and their families.
Not that he needs an excuse!

So after work today he packed his rod and gear into the boot of the car and away he went for the afternoon.
He put his line in and settled back to make a coffee and enjoy the day. But oh dear, where was the coffee? He had his thermos, hot water, cup, milk, sugar but the coffee 
was still on the bench at home!

So he took some photo's instead while he waited for the  fish to bite. He spotted a swan flying just feet above the water but he couldn't get his camera out in time so missed getting a photo.
 What a pity. Black swans breed down that way and are on the river and the nearby lake.

What a great place to spend a sunny afternoon. I might take a book and go with him next time.

Oh, and yes he did catch fish for the daughters - that's a photo of some of them at the top of the page.

Have a great week everyone.


  1. Altho I am not a fish eater....I do love to catch them. This looks like an awesome spot to fish.:))
    And, is your "tea" you speak of like "dinner" here...the evening meal ?

  2. I can almost taste that fresh fish and what a beautiful place to cast a rod! :) I got tickled seeing your little kitty wanted so badly to get to that fish.
    Thanks so much for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia ;)

  3. Again I just loved the photos...wonderful! My Dad was in New Zealand for 6 months in the late 50's and the photos he brought home were just as lovely...made me really want to go and visit sometime but the years have slepped away and being married to a stay at home Welsh farmer hasn't helped!! Have a great day. Joan


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