Friday, 30 June 2017

A photo scavenger hunt

I am joining in a photo scavenger hunt this week with Hawthorn and friends over at I live, I love, I craft, I am me. Some of the photo's are from the archives, some I have used recently and some of you will have seen them before but I hope you still enjoy them.

1:  The setting sun
We had been up the coast to visit the blowholes and the pancake rocks. At the end of the day we headed back to daughters holiday accommodation for a pizza tea. This is the view we had of the sunset over the Tasman Sea from the upstairs sitting room :)

2:  My local wild place
This is a garden in the town where my GKB grew up, so although it is local it is not local local. It is on a hill on the other side of the city. It was established by the artist Ralph Hotere and overlooks the Otago Harbour. All of the plantings are native trees and bushes and those legs you see belong to a sculpture by Shona Rapira Davies titled They do cut down the poles that hold up the sky. A lovely peaceful place to sit and relax and enjoy the native bush without leaving the city.

3:  Mug of favourite drink in the garden
Christmas Day 2016. The family had gathered at youngest daughter's home to celebrate. Dinner was over, the dishes were all cleaned up and put away and it was time to take a cup, or glass, of our favourite drink and relax somewhere and chat. The photo below is me, my daughter and grandaughter sharing a quiet moment together in the backyard. The other two possibly had a glass of wine but my drink of choice was instant coffee, made the way I like it :) Goodness knows where everyone else was, there were at least 20 of us there for the day.

4:  My kind of beautiful
Isn't she beautiful? Well I'm guessing this is a she, cos she looks pregnant to me. Anyway I love these big draught horses and you don't see them around much these days. Don't ask me the breed, I couldn't tell you, I took the photo from the car while we were doing some sightseeing last time we were up Middlemarch way .

5:  Look to the skies
On the same trip up to Middlemarch this was early evening sky at the camping ground we stayed at. My GKB took this photo and some people have said the cloud formation looks like a giant hand in the sky. Anyway I think it is quite dramatic.

6:  Mini beasts
Well you can't see the mini beasts as they are inside the nest. 
This is the nursery web of a nursery web spider and the babies stay inside for couple of weeks. I guess if you don't mind spiders you won't think of them as beasts but if you see them magnified they are very definitely little monsters.

7:  Rain
One evening late last winter we had a shower of rain. Or maybe it was early in spring as I see new buds on these branches. Overnight we had a good old frost. In the morning my GKB took a sequence of photos. The raindrops had frozen on the bare branches of this bush and it looked rather pretty with the early morning sun shining on them. A little like the spindly little bush had been draped with a string of diamonds :)

8:  Something summery
Flowers always say summer but this is 
a photo I love, taken one hot day last summer.

Wouldn't you have thought it would be easier to just get under the table instead of clambering up on top of it to find the little bit of shade afforded by the sun umbrella? This puppy is a real character :)

9:  Urban wilderness
What can I say? An urban area in the wilderness. 
Queenstown, New Zealand.

10: My own choice
Parked up for the winter, caravans on a
 bleak winter's evening in Central Otago.

I hope I haven't been too wordy
See you next week.


  1. Hahaha LOVE your puppa asleep on the table beneath the umbrella - he must have been so warm! Very glad you joined in with out scavenger hunt - thank you!

  2. Your puppy sure looks comfortable all stretched out on the table.
    Good photo's.

  3. What gorgeous photographs. I am from Central and Southern Africa and so recognise the almost faded green colours and big skies. Love that hand in the sky and as for that stupid puppy....surely the damp grass under the table would have been cooler. The draught horse is lovely too, he is very handsome, that roan/skewbald colouring is very like my childhood horse. Thanks for those memories. ♥ ♥

  4. What an interesting assortment. Must get to NZ one day.

  5. Lovely photos. Love the dog on the table

    Julie xxxxxxxx

  6. Diana, I so enjoy your photographs! The scenery is gorgeous. I think my favorite one is of the puppy on the table. Too cute!

  7. Your pictures were beautiful. The dog on the table is one of my favorites too. : )

  8. Aw what a lovely pup. They never do the sensible thing do they! Love that New Zealand view. I have never been, but views like that are a temptation.

  9. Great set of photos; so many show sun so I could pick them all as my favourites. Recently (in the UK) we had a warm spell and everyone was saying how hot it was but not me! I envy your sunshine. The cloud is my favourite one closely followed by the sunset and silly puppy!

  10. The dog flat out on the garden table is hilarious. Nice to see where my dad did his bungee jump, he was 75 and therefore jumped for free.

  11. I enjoyed each photo and laughed out loud when I saw the pup :) Thanks for sharing your views!

  12. Beautiful just beautiful. You live in a wonderful place.

    cheers, parsnip and thehamish

  13. What a great bunch of photos & when I flicked down before reading I thought from No3 you could be in Oz, but no you are just across the way. Love the horse (I'm an animal nut) & the floppy dog, but also found the cloud fascinating & your view over Queenstown beautiful. Great that you've joined in & take care.

  14. Wow! Those were all great photos...never too wordy! I love the descriptive narration. Love all the photos, but my favorite is the Draft Horse...she is beautiful...and then the dog on the table...that could be entitled "The Dog Days of Summer"! Loved this little scavenger hunt. Great idea!

  15. Such a varied post, what can Isay that others haven't , the hand in the sky is fabulous, you certainly live in a spectacular part of the world. However like many that woofit has to be my favourite ,really made me smile. In fact I may go back for another look .

  16. Lovely to see a collection of photographs from another country. The cloud formation is really striking. Love the dog flat out in the shade! J

  17. Diana, I always enjoy seeing life across the globe!! You live in a beautiful part of the world. I really liked the one made on Christmas Day...I would have coffee and my feet would be propped up!!

  18. Beautiful photos Diana - I love the sky - so dramatic ... But I had to chuckle at the legs - great title for a sculpture - your photos really show NZ in a wonderful light - everyone who visits says it's a beautiful country - must try and get there sometime. Isn't this scavenger hunt a lovely way to travel around the world.


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