Thursday, 6 July 2017

Feeling blessed

The phone rang about mid morning. I had won a hamper at the local pharmacy in a raffle for the Cancer Society. I'd totally forgotten I'd bought a ticket so it was a lovely surprise. I really was only thinking of it as a donation. I will have to share it, there is so much there but I'm sure between all the girls in the family we will soon sort it out :)

Later in the day my daughter called in. She had been given sausages, cream cheese, fresh milk and a tray of  quail eggs - all off a farm. There's too much here for me Mum, do you want some?  So of course I said yes. Later my son arrived home and he had been given samples of honey and barbecue sauce to bring home. Yum :)
We had the sausages for tea and DIL has been making cheese cake to beat the band. It is all so delicious.

To finish the day off there was a beautiful double rainbow 
over the town. I'm afraid I didn't get a very good picture 
of it as it was a very cold day and starting to rain again.
It's hard to see the second bow but I promise if you look hard enough you will see it.

A little bit of an update on what is happening with my wee Mum.
She is still awaiting surgery but her local referring surgeon is so disgusted with the treatment she has had (or lack of it) up 'til now  that he has referred her to another hospital which has also started doing the procedure she needs. We have already heard from them and are now awaiting a date once more but it should come in the next few weeks. Mum has been getting so frustrated at times with not knowing what is going on but now is feeling a lot more positive and her general health seems to be better. Thank you to all who have prayed for her and asked about her. We appreciate you all :)



  1. What an unexpected bounty! And better news for your Mum too. You are blessed every day.

  2. Diana, what a sweet week you had!! That hamper looks glorious. Like you, I often buy tickets but never think I will win!! Congrats to you!! So glad your little mother is getting some renewed attention for her problem.

  3. Congrats on your win!

    Quail eggs...I don't think I have ever had them. What are they like?

    Will keep praying for your Mom. Glad she is doing better.

  4. How lovely to have all the extra treats.
    So happy to hear that your Mum is getting some much needed attention.

    cheers, parsnip and thehamish

  5. My, what an amazing day you had!! Congratulations on all of the fun things you won and were given!! God is so good! And, you dear, little mother! Bless her dear heart. I am so thankful her doctor is finally moving things along for her and do trust Jesus to take care of her, heal her, and give her many more years with you, sweet friend. Thank you so much for letting us know and keeping us posted. Will keep praying for her.

  6. Wow that was your lucky day. : )
    Beautiful rainbow.
    Must be so hard waiting for your mum waiting for her surgery. Hopefully things will move along faster now.

  7. Diana, what a wonderful day! And a delicious one to boot! I'm glad your mother is making progress with the new doctor. Hopefully her surgery will be scheduled soon.

  8. I feel blessed reading about your blessings, and I am happy to know the encouraging news about your mum! :)

  9. What a perfect day that was for you! You probably didn't want the day to end! I'm glad to hear of some progress in your mum's treatment. Have a blessed day.

  10. I'm a little behind in my reading, but this is so lovely...look at all the ways God has truly blessed you! So much fun to receive unexpected surprises. We will continue to pray for your Mum. Praying that she will be at peace about all of this, and not be in much pain or discomfort. Oh, that double rainbow! A double promise of God's provision and watchcare over you!! Thank you for sharing it with us!

  11. Diana, it's nice to read about 'good things' that happen to people. Sounds like you had a lovely day... reinforces the belief that life is good! Also happy to hear that your mom is getting the treatment she needs. Will keep her in my prayers.

  12. What lovely blessings! I hope that all will be well for your Mum.

  13. Well, that is wonderful news about your Mum! So glad that she found a caring Dr. who is taking control of things. It's so nice to have unexpected gifts come your way. xo Karen

  14. Thanks for the update on your mother...I know you worry. How nice to receive so many special gifts and samples! That really makes you feel special! Sweet hugs, Diane


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