Friday, 1 October 2010

October already...

I don't believe it is October already and I haven't written anything, so how accountable does that make me???

Anyway the exercycle, now affectionately known as 'the bike', duly arrived and I had a good old time on it in the lounge, reading and watching the telly while I chalked up the miles, the GKB (good kiwi bloke) snuck some time on it too, but not while anyone was about to see him. And the grandkids think it is a wonderful thing to play about with and on, adjusting the tension while the granma isn't looking is a good trick apparently. But I have now cottoned on to that one.

Anyway all was going well and then someone coughed on me , or sneezed on me or something similar and I got crook and retired from all life except work (I wasn't about to admit to them that I got a bug especially as I refused to have the 'flu injection). For some strange reason I thought I would still be able to keep going on 'the bike' but after about 2 seconds my legs refused to go round any more and now I look at 'the bike' as I pass it in the bedroom on my way to bed each night, and think to myself that I really must take it back out to the lounge where I can see it and it can make feel guilty if don't get on it for a while.

Have also been looking out for some decent shoes to wear for walking in as another thing I want to do in this lifetme is walk some of the tracks scattered around the country. Mind you I look at the distances and times at the moment and think "Days? I was thinking in terms of hours! Or even minutes..." So I still have a wee way to go to get into the right mindset.

I'm now going to walk past 'the bike' as I head for my bed - I promise I will take it out tomorrow - sometime.

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