Monday, 19 July 2010

Training (haha)

Well here I go. I don't know whether anyone but me will ever read this but it doesn't matter really, it's for my own benefit as much as for anyone elses.

At some point in this life, time to be decided, Lorraine and I are going to 'do' the Otago Rail Trail - whether on foot or on a bike has yet to be decided. So I need to be accountable when I get Training, (haha). I'm certainly not fit enough to do it at the moment except in a car, and they aren't allowed. So I now have an exercycle, well I will have tomorrow when Vanessa delivers it, and then I will put my bum on the seat a couple of times a day and hope it helps build up some muscle and maybe even some stamina. Who knows?? When the weather gets warmer I may even go out walking as well, but I'm quite bored with walking around town so will have to find some place a bit more interresting - or someone to go with. A girl I met a few weeks ago suggested up the hills but don't think I'm fit enough just yet, sad to say.

It's time to start ticking off some of the things on the bucket list, and the rail trail is one of them.

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