Friday, 8 October 2010

Back on the bike

Well I have done it. The bike is back in the lounge where I can't help but see it and I have been pedalling madly away on it again. Whew. I think one of the grandkids has adjusted the knobs and things too as I seem to have the bum on the seat for longer but going about half the distance... I think she may have changed me from kilometres to miles, I hope.

I have been watching Joyce Meyer while I pedal away and it is amazing how long I can keep going now with an enjoyable distraction to hold my attention. That gets two things done as well. Multi tasking! Not that watching Joyce Meyer is a chore or a bore but it's a matter of fitting everything in :(

And I have been going out walking on my days off, haven't got any flash shoes yet, may never get them, but I am out pounding the pavement, or the side of the Silverstream, or wherever. So it's all good :)) Haven't got a clue how far I am going, just do it and hope I am getting a bit fitter. I'm not brave enough to try the hills yet but one day soon - watch this space.

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