Friday, 31 January 2020

scavenger hunt

 Lost...and not yet found.
I was getting ready to go out a couple of weeks ago  and was changing my ear rings. I always stand over the bed when taking them out so that if they drop I don't lose them. Haha. One of my good pearl studs fell and disappeared. We have searched, the floor, the bedding and shaken out the bath robe that was on the bed. Nada. A mystery. 

I received a lovely Christmas card this year from my 
granddaughter and her husband. Granddaughter is quite 
arty crafty so she made her cards this year - with help
 from young Arlo. He played in paint and we all received 
cards with his handprints and footprints on them :) 
Something to treasure.

Every now and then I go to a daytime concert with one of my friends.  A light lunch is included in the cost of the tickets. It's usually a sandwich and a muffin with tea and coffee. I had to take something out to the car between the end of the concert and lunch this week and when I got back all that was left were the sandwiches in the picture.

Starts with M
 Breakfast doesn't start with M but Marmite does. Yum. Nothing better than tea with marmite on toast for breakfast - unless of 
course you're an Aussie and you'd probably prefer Vegemite :)

Ends with T
Windfall walnuts are sometimes on the path where I walk along the Silverstream. This is one of them. I know because I couldn't work out what they were when I first saw them so I picked one to bits - and ended up with beautifully stained fingers :) Walnut.

My choice
A lone sheep, a lost sheep or just left behind. 
On the bank of the Silverstream one evening.

Joining Hawthorn for her photo scavenger hunt on:

Well my intention was to join up with Hawthorn but I have been away for a few days and the link wasn't up before I left and it was finished when I arrived home. Never mind, you can still
have a look at what others have done if you follow the link above. 



  1. Ive always enjoyed your random jottings Diana and you live in such a lovely part of the world! (I think my new blog is back up and running)
    I do hope your earring turns up!

  2. I hope you find your earring!

    Those handprints and footprints are a treasure.

  3. Praying you find your lost earring. I always pray when I lose something. God often leads me to it. I've noticed, however, it is always the "last place I look". LOL. What is "marmite"? I can't it cinnamon or something like that? Never heard of it before. Loved your scavenger hunt photos. Loved the card with baby prints on it! So precious! I hope you save it! Have a blessed day, and may your lost pearl come rolling out from wherever it landed.

    1. Hi Pamela, Marmite is a savoury yeast spread and to the uninitiated can be quite strong. Most of us probably started eating it on toast crusts when we were babies, so are used to the taste as we grow up. I like it spread thinly, my little mother liked it a bit thicker, everyone to their own taste. Australians tend to like vegemite which is a similar type of spread but a vegetable extract. Personally I don't like it. There are very strong views on which is the best, lol.

  4. When you least expect it that missing earring will turn up.

  5. Hope you find your earring.
    What a great present to treasure.

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog in the scavenger hunt. It always amazes me how we can loose something, search high and low for it and then all of a sudden a couple of days later it's there again right in front of your eyes and it seems to be laughing at you asking why you didn't see it before! My favourite in your collection is the treasured card, a special gift.

  7. I found your blog while visiting Julie's (Bagpuss) And what a variety of photos. So annoying to lose the earring, I 've done that and sad to say never found it, so hope you find yours.

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