Tuesday, 3 December 2019

Food, food and then some

That's what we had last night at our local Aglow end of year breakup. The local Lion's Club came in and cooked us a wonderful barbecue and supplied salads galore. Sadly, I was so busy eating I forgot to take a photo :(

I did get one of some of the desserts I made before I took them down. There were many more on offer as well as orange juice and punch for the thirsty. A scrumptious spread.

 We followed this with cups of tea and coffee and lots of chatter.
And then it was time for the music team to get up and lead us in almost an hour of singing Christmas carols and worship.

We let them take a break about halfway through 
though so we could give out little thank you gifts 
and  Christmas tokens to those who were there :)

A very enjoyable evening in the lead 
up to the Christmas season. 

Pace yourself folks, or it can get exhausting.
Have a lovely week,


  1. Hi Diana sounds like you had a wonderful time the food and drinks sound very yummy ,nothing like singing to lift ones spirit xx

  2. What a wonderful get together.

  3. Sounds like a wonderful time!!

  4. The end of year Aglow fellowship meeting sounds wonderful and a good way to start the Christmas season with praise and Christmas carols.

  5. Looks to have been a lovely meeting :)

  6. Oh my...The Women's Aglow, I used to go to those many, many years ago and so enjoyed myself. Sadly,this area does not have that anymore.

    So nice to visit with you ~

  7. How nice! I love that you have a chance to meet with such lovely ladies. Happy holidays my friend!

  8. That sounds wonderful...and the food really sounds good. Love the singing. Christmas time is a busy time, but so wonderful. Glad it only comes once a year!!


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