Thursday, 15 February 2018

Odds and ends

Just a few words and pictures to catch up with everyone.
First I've been locked out of Google for a few days but
 number one son now has me up and running again.

Middle sis has been over from Aussie and is now away home again. She likes a busy holiday so that's what we have been - busy.
Amongst other things we have been to the Chinese Gardens to see a Chinese opera.

We have visited family, eaten meals together
 and then relaxed and just enjoyed each others company.

We've gone for drives and ended up drinking tea,
coffee and hot chocolates after eating more food.
Some of the places we went had some fun décor as well.

And on top of that we have had our roof repaired.
We lost some of the ridge iron during a storm last winter
and have been waiting for about 5 months to have
 the whole roof repaired. It was finished the day before
another torrential storm hit us - phew :)

And now I am preparing for my youngest sister to arrive.
Also from Australia but that is not for a week or two yet.
So some breathing space :)


  1. You have been busy. Nice to have sisters visit.

  2. You are busy Diana. Enjoy that sister time.

  3. So happy to read that the roof was finished before the next storm came in !
    Very lucky.

    cheers, parsnip and mandibles

  4. You'll just about have time tocatch your breath. Wonderful to be able to spend time with your sisters.

  5. Glad your roof got fixed just in time!
    Sounds like a busy and fun time having family visiting. : )

  6. Glad to know that you've finished the roof just in time!! LOVE..

  7. sounds like you have had a very busy, but enjoyable, pleasant time! I hope you enjoy your sister's visit, as well. God bless you and your family and your sweet, little mother.

  8. Sounds like a wonderful visit! Family time is the best. Now a little break before making more sweet memories....xo Karen


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