Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Books, veges and other stuff...

Well it has been one of those weeks where I seem to have been busy but couldn't tell you what I've been doing. So please, take a load off your feet, make yourself a cuppa and take five minutes and I'll see what I come up with.

What I can tell you is that I have completed my first book in the reading challenge I'm taking part in. I wrote about it here. I quite enjoyed it even though it was a study resource - '30 Days to Understanding Church History' by Max E. Anders and Judith A. Lunsford.
It was easy to read and understand, chapters were short and there was a test at the end of each chapter. I've started another one which I think will take the rest of the year, I've been reading it on and off for about 20 years and only got to the end of Chap. 1 this week so I'll read others in conjunction with it. One day I might even tell you what it is :) I definitely will if I ever finish it!

Today was Shrove Tuesday so we had a pancake morning tea at church this morning. My GKB was coming but missed out because he has come down with a cold and is a bit miserable with it. There was quite a good turnout and we had the vicar and one of the ladies making the pancakes. I had mine with maple syrup. Yum. Some kind people had brought produce from their gardens to share so I came home with rhubarb and a courgette. Actually it is a bit big for a courgette but not quite big enough to be a marrow.
 I'm sure it will still be tasty.

Quite a while ago I said I would show you some of my 
demitasse teacups.These are more that my GKB 
used to bring home for me on a Friday night after work 
when we were first married. They are rather dainty
 and pretty and are stamped with
fine china, Japan.

Aren't they gorgeous? Very feminine.
I love the gold trim on them.

And of course it is Chinese New Year, the Year of the Monkey.
In fact it is the year of the Fire Monkey.

This big celestial dragon was in one of the city malls when we went in on Monday. Sorry the photo's are not clear, it was behind glass and the mall lights were reflected in it. Unfortunately the Lion Dance wasn't taking place until 7pm and we didn't want to hang around for another four hours so headed home. 

A close up of the dragon, if you look closely you will see that he has caught the 'sun' and is holding it in his mouth. I'm not sure whether that bodes well or not.

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Wishing you all a 
Happy and Prosperous 
year of the monkey.


  1. I cooked a sort of Chinese meal for dinner last night and tonight it will be pancakes for dinner. A lot of special days to take account of at the moment! What wonderful veg to have received! Glad you had a good day! xx

  2. Your teacups are very pretty.I too love gold ring on them,they are so delicate.

  3. I love those teacups!! And I must say that my son and his wife, who used to teach English in China, celebrate the Chinese New Year. Before he taught there I had no clue when the Chinese New Year was...it is not a big celebration here in the South. Mardis Gras is the season here right now and will end today. I am thinking of having a donut instead of a pancake today!!

  4. What pretty tea cups! I love those delicate ones like that. I do love your header. I have a special fondness for sheep. Have a great week!

  5. Yes, those cups are very pretty!!
    I love rhubarb and hope this year I can get some out of my garden. : )

  6. Out of Africa is on my looooong list of books to read!
    Your teacups are lovely.

  7. We had pancakes here too, but rolled them with lemon and brown sugar!
    Your teacups are just so pretty.
    May I ask, what is the meaning of GKB??

  8. Oh, I've read 'Out of Africa', quite some time ago, but I loved it so. The movie is wonderful, too. So nice to get some fresh veggies with your pancakes. So many bloggers are talking of pancakes, I think I will have to make some! Your cups are so lovely and what sweet gifts :) I wondered what GKB meant, too - mystery solved! The dragon is wonderful:)

  9. We have a large rhubarb plant that is just peeking through the soil now. I love baking with it. I have not heard of a courgette - looks similar to a zucchini which we also grow in the summer and love. I read Out of Africa a long time ago but remember it was a captivating read. Pancakes? Yum : )

    1. Courgette and zucchini are the same thing I think.

  10. I always wanted to use rhubarb but have been afraid of it e er since I heard the leaves were posionist. I can't wait dor spring ro get here pretty soon... Love your tiny tea cups. I have little ones sitting in a box I bought last year and haven't brought them out yet, though they aren't fancy. I kind of forgot what they look like. Thank you for all your visits with love Janice

  11. We also had pancakes last Tuesday. We had ours with maple syrup and fresh fruit. Yum.
    Your little cups look dainty and pretty - a really lovely collection.
    Have a great weekend!

  12. The pancakes sound yummy. I loved seeing your photo of Chinese New year. I just bought some postage stamps commemorating this occasion.Enjoy your weekend, Pat

  13. That's an amazing dragon, what a great display! Your tea cups are real beauties, and the fact that your husband bought them all for you is really sweet. Have a great weekend!

  14. I love the teacups! I have an addition to all things tea :) I hope you can stop by:



  15. Five lovely things to share for Five on Friday, I love your collection of tea cups they are so pretty:)

  16. Very interesting dragon! I like your little tea cups too, they are pretty. Have a wonderful Valentine's Day!

  17. I love rhubarb! And your cups are really pretty! So dainty! Have a beautiful week!

  18. Hi Diana! What lovely tea cups and now you've got me wanting a cup of tea! :) OH, I'm adoring your new header. Love the sheep! Thanks for popping in to see me and I hope you're doing well.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  19. I'm catching up with your last week's happenings, Diana!
    It sounds like you had a good week. I hope you're all keeping well. Enjoy your reading challenge. I have a pile of 'to be read books' too, but I'm getting into the crocheting and trying to balance out activities and quiet times! Have a good rest of the week :)


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